Halwa To Muffin: 5 Delightful Desserts To Try This Monsoon

There are so many things to look forward to during the days preceding monsoon season. When you see bhutta sellers on the pavements, the sight of samosas and kachoris which takes your attention away from the mundane life, you eagerly await the joys of a cool breeze which often accompany the monsoon season.  Some restaurants start to gear up to prepare a menu that captivates the guest. The feast for rainy season is like no other. Nowadays, there is so much more focus on exploring the seasonal fruits because they often get left behind. 

Haven’t you also felt that so many of the fresh fruits are forgotten? 

We often focus on making hot and crispy pakodas on rainy days. While the thought of eating hot snacks on a rainy day is comforting, wouldn’t you also like to focus on other things that have arrived fresh in the market? So that’s why, we want to focus on those seasonal fruits which also deserve their due this rainy season. Besides, who said that we only have to eat hot and crispy snacks for monsoon?  

We choose these fruits not only because of availability in most states, but also because they will keep illnesses at bay during the monsoon. This year, allow yourself to gorge on these five novel desserts using seasonal fruits —  

1. Apple dumplings 

Move over momos this monsoon season. Give your apples a makeover with these delicious dumplings which come together quickly in an hour. Besides, the addition of warm spices such as cinnamon really put the comforting dessert on another level. 

2.   Papaya halwa  

Those who love gorging on this fruit during the monsoon season obviously know the health benefits of papaya. You can adjust the sweetness as per your preference. Do try this recipe! 

3.   Pear vanilla muffins  

These muffins are quite a healthy addition to your monsoon diet. They aren’t bland but rich in flavour. Soft and delicious muffins are a hit with both kids and grown-ups alike. It is easy to make and ideal for picnics and potlucks too. 

4.  White chocolate pomegranate cookies 

If you love chocolate as much as us, then consider making these pomegranate cookies on a damp day. The thought of the aroma of cookies should be enough to tempt you into trying this option. 

5.   Lychee kheer  

Do you love the thought of combining kheer with fresh fruits? A comforting bowl of kheer is all you need this monsoon! Now that your lychee is in season, it is time to use this ultra juicy, sweet and pulpy fruit to make some delectable kheer to remember. A fruity treat you would not get over. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy these recipes!