All You Need To Know About Sindhi Cuisine
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Sindhi cuisine is all about rich flavours, scrumptious taste, and a perfect mix of aromatic spices. If you are a food connoisseur, you must try Sindhi food at least once in your lifetime. Why? That's because their mouth-watering Sai bhaji and flavourful curries will offer you a pleasurable memory that you may be seeking for long. In addition, what can be better than opting for a place's lip-smacking food to know about its culture? If you wish to discover Sindhi cuisine, scroll down and know about various delectable dishes from the region.

Sindhi kadhi

Made with thick gravy of chickpea flour and vegetables, Sindhi kadhi is served on special occasions.

Dal pakwan

Perhaps the most popular Sindhi meal, dal pakwan is a royal breakfast for Sindhi people. It includes puris served with chana dal and chutney.


Koki is spicy roti that is often consumed with papad. It's a regular Sindhi breakfast. Koki papad is thicker than usual chapati. A combination of koki and papad is unique and could be accompanied by beverages like tea.

Taryal patata

Taryal patata or took aloo is a staple of the Sindhi diet. It is often served with plain rice and dal. Taryal patata is usually eaten during dinner but can be consumed during breakfast and lunch too.

Mitho lolo

Mitho lolo is a dish that is often served as an offering after someone has fully recovered from chickenpox. It is basically sweet griddle-roasted flatbread. You can consume it with chilled buttermilk called matho.

Pallo Machi

This delicacy is made using hilsa fish. It can be deeply fried, cooked with onions and potatoes in the traditional manner, or barbecued.


Thadal is a drink used by wrestlers of Sindh province to keep their livers cool. Ground char magaz, dry fruits and pepper are used to make it.