Making Kebabs? Follow These Tips To Master It

Kebab is one of the most loved meat dishes in India. Originating from cuisines of the Middle East, it is popular in other parts of the world as well. Be it a family dinner or the New Year party, this grilled dish fits in every occasion. Originally the kebabs were made with lamb meat but today there are a variety of regional recipes that includes goat, chicken, fish and pork, depending upon the choice. 

This hearty and delicious dish is traditionally cooked over an open flame by lining up on a wooden skewer. Seekh kebab, reshmi kebab, galouti kebab, tunday kebab and shami kebab are some of its different types which are popular in India. The meat can also be replaced with cottage cheese and vegetables to make vegetarian versions of this delicacy. Paneer kebab and hara-bhara kebab are some of its famous vegetarian varieties.  

If you are also planning to make some juicy kebabs for dinner to surprise your family, here are some amazing tips to master it: 

1. Combine Meat With Vegetables 

Combining some veggies like onion, capsicum and tomatoes with the meat always enhances the taste and adds extra smokiness to the dish. Just toss these veggies with butter and add them to the skewer. But make sure the ingredients have similar cooking times or you can adjust the size to balance it out. 

2. Marinate Properly 

Marination is the most important part of making kebab. In order to get the perfect taste and flavour you need to be careful while marinating. If possible, let the kebabs marinate overnight. You can always improvise by adding some extra herbs and spices into your paste to bring out the dynamic flavours. Just make sure the layer is thin and dab off the excess marinade with a paper towel. 

3. Do Not Overcook 

It is very important to keep a check on the flame while cooking kebab. Start with medium-high heat and watch out for flare-ups. It is better to monitor the cooking till it’s done. You need turn them with tongs every two minutes but less if the ingredients are fragile. 

4. Butter The Kebab 

Buttering the kebab nicely will make it soft from outside and give it a luscious salty taste. This will also prevent it from sticking to the grill. If you are adding any veggies, toss them in butter to get better result. This will make your kebab juicy and veggies tender crisp. 

5. Size Of The Ingredients 

The size of the kebab must be correct, neither too big nor too small. Specially, if you are making a non-vegetarian kebab. If the size of the meat is too small, it will get burnt and if too big then the meat will not cook properly from the inside. Same goes for the vegetables and fruits that are added, all must be of the same size so that they cook evenly. 

Follow these tips and enjoy the delicious kebab with your family.