What we love about chicken is its ability to steal the show across courses. Wish to give your soup a yummy makeover? Throw in some chicken chunks. Planning to have your friends over dinner? You know a portion of classic Butter Chicken is a safe bet. Similarly, if you are looking to cook up something stellar for a movie night in, we have just the right recipe for you. For how long are you planning to be disappointed by the air-filled bag of chips? Just make something simple and scrummy at home. Something like this 20-minute chicken popcorn.

Chicken popcorn is a classic American snack that you must have had at various restaurants with your burgers and wings. Turns out, that the snack is incredibly easy to make at home, you’ll also end up saving much more once you start making these ridiculously simple snacks at home. We are not being stingy, we are being smart. For making chicken popcorn you just need to coat boneless chicken chunks with ginger –garlic paste and salt. Boil them until it is cooked. Coat them in egg batter with black pepper and other spices, then another coat of breadcrumbs, fry the chunks and your chicken popcorn is ready. Now isn’t that a cakewalk? It requires all of 6 ingredients! What is your excuse now?  

Chicken popcorn can be served with any accompaniment of your choice, ketchup, mustard, mint. There are options galore. You can also sprinkle some peri-peri mix on masala on top, make sure all your popcorns are well coated, and enjoy your own peri-peri chicken popcorn

Here’s a recipe of chicken popcorn, try making it at home and let us know how you like it. Do not forget to share the pictures.