New Year 2023: Sum Up Your Lunch With These Rajasthani Desserts

The holiday season and, of course, the year come to a close on New Year's Eve. You might have a difficult time finding a dessert this year after all the Thanksgiving desserts and Christmas treats you've prepared for the holidays. But don't worry! We've gathered suggestions for Indian-inspired, brand-new desserts for the New Year. These desserts, halwas, and more are the ideal way to say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2023 when your New Year's supper is finished. 

These Rajasthani desserts will impress you whether you're searching for something to bring to a New Year's Eve party or just want to add something special to your own celebration. It's okay if you're not quite confident in your ability to cook! A few of these recipes are for quick and simple desserts that you can make right away. 

Rajasthani food is renowned for its opulence, vibrancy, and distinctive flavours. Desserts are a core component of it. The sweet treats of the royal state, which are mostly created with ghee (clarified butter), mawa (milk cheese), sugar syrup, almonds, cardamom, and saffron, are likely to please even the pickiest sweet tooth. These opulent Rajasthani delicacies are worth trying this new year. 


Originally from Alwar, one of the oldest kingdoms in Rajasthan, Kalakand are dense blocks covered in saffron and almonds and created from a creamy blend of sweetened milk and paneer (soft Indian cottage cheese). This delicious confection will satisfy even the sweetest sweet craving because it is soft on the inside and the outside. 


This sweet has funnel cake-like characteristics. It is made by deep-frying black gram flour batter into round, flower-like shapes, drenching them in boiling sugar syrup, and then serving. It has a wonderfully gooey interior but is dry on the outside. Try pairing this dessert with hot or condensed milk. 


Dilkushar, often referred to as "Mohanthal" or "Besan ki Chakki," is created by roasting besan (gram flour) and mawa in a lot of ghee. The gram flour mixture is covered with sugar syrup, which is then let to solidify. Cardamom and chopped dried fruits are added after it has dried. This chewy, sweet-grainy dessert is sliced into squares and has a fudgy texture. 

Mawa Kachori 

In India, kachori come in a variety of shapes and flavours, and Mawa Kachori are among the most mouthwatering. They are made using maida (all-purpose flour), mawa, and ghee, and are then deep-fried and covered in sugar syrup after being flavoured with dried fruits, cardamom, crushed almonds, and pistachios. You can prepare this mouthwatering dessert at home. 

Churma Ladoo 

Churma Ladoo are balls prepared from whole wheat flour, milk, jaggery, semolina, cardamom powder, and poppy seeds, and are among the most popular Rajasthani desserts. There are several variations that can be created, such adding coconut and sesame seeds and switching out wheat flour for gramme flour. Both are excellent! In India, you can find scrumptious variants of the dessert. 

Chenna Malpua 

You must sample this decadent treat that resembles a pancake. Made from a batter of cornflour, paneer, nutmeg powder, saffron, sugar, and ghee, it has an absurdly sweet flavour and is deep-fried before being covered in syrupy syrup. Pistachios, almonds, and rabri can be sprinkled on top as a garnish or poured over the dish to increase its delectability and create a soothing pleasure. 

Doodhiya Kheech 

Although it originated in Udaipur, this rich wheat and milk pudding is loved well beyond the city. Doodhiya Kheech, which is made from hulled wheat, milk, saffron, sugar, dried fruits, and nuts, has a delectably delicate flavour that will have you wanting more. Rajasthanis consume a lot of this dessert during the winter and at Akha Teej or Akshaya Tritiya, a Jains' and Hindus' annual spring festival. 

Moong Dal Halwa 

Using soaked moong dal (split green gram skinless) and besan (gram flour), this most comfortable of Rajasthani desserts is first cooked in milk, saffron, and cardamom, and then fried in ghee and sugar. Enjoy this wonderful delicacy after topping it with nuts and dried fruits.