Hoping For Some Good Luck This New Year? Try These Foods
Image Credit: From rice pudding to pork chops and greens, there are several foods that bring good luck in the New Year.

Every year when the year comes to an end, it brings a sudden realization of how fast time goes by. We immediately travel back in time and start reminiscing all the good memories of the year gone by. While the past two years have entirely been spent in the scare of the pandemic, we are hopeful that the next year would bring with it some positivity and prosperity. People make New Year resolutions that they wish to accomplish in the upcoming year and set their goals and targets for the same. For instance, my goal is eat better and exercise more in 2022 and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Now, if that aligns with your goal too, what better way to do it than start with some good luck food. Oh yes, there are certain foods which are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in your homes. These range from noodles to cake and grapes. In different parts of the world, eating different foods brings a sense of hope and positivity for the New Year. It could simply be a fruit, a vegetable or some special delicacy. Celebrating the end of the year on such a positive note is definitely on my list this year. 

So here are some foods that might attract good luck for you in the next year and fill 2022 with happiness and joy. 

1.  Rice And Other Grains 

From India to Finland and Sweden, rice is considered to be an auspicious eatable. While in the former, rice is extensively used during religious ceremonies, the latter prep up a creamy rice pudding to welcome the New Year. The rice and beans combination is a good luck meal in many Latin countries. If you eat rice at midnight, it is supposed to bring you lots of good fortune. Barley, oats, quinoa and other grains swell up when cooked which signifies abundance and is good for New Year.

2.  Fish Food 

Another thing which symbolizes abundance like grains is fish. Around the world, people consume fish in different ways. While some eat fish and chips, others prepare a gravy fish like Bengalis. Whatever be the style of eating it, fish is a harbinger of good luck in a lot of cultures. The Germans believe in keeping fish scales in their wallets as they are a symbol of silver and also believed to attract good luck. Instead of a fish dish, if a whole fish is served to you then it is meant to depict the end of a year and the beginning of another. Although Japanese indulge in seafood during the rest of the year too, it is considered auspicious to have fish for good luck and shrimps for a prosperous year ahead. 

3.  Pomegranate Seeds 

Here comes a fruity welcome for the New Year. Spluttering the tiny seeds of this red fruit on the floor is a sign of fertility, abundance and life and the Greeks do it each New Year. Similarly, the 12 grapes for each month of the year are supposed bring good luck in Spain and Mexico. The Filipinos love mangoes, watermelons and other round fruits for good luck on New Year. 

4.  Piggy Pork 

Do you know pork is actually a harper of growth and progress? It holds true for the Cubans who relish pork chops and other such dishes on New Year. From pig-shaped cookies to ham sandwiches and bacon, lots of meaty delights are consumed on New Year. 

5.  Good Greens 

Vegetables like black eyed peas and cornbread are good not only for health, but for the New Year too. Along with this, certain greens are also supposed to bring good luck. Each of these dishes symbolize financial growth like black-eyed peas for dollars for pennies, greens for dollars and cornbread signifies gold, particularly in the US.