Leftover Idli Batter? 6 Delish Ways You Can Use It At Home

Food is inarguably the most precious thing in the world. Despite tremendous food shortages in the world, it breaks my heart to say that sadly more than half of the food produced gets wasted every year. Before it’s late, it's time that we all take an oath to not waste food anymore and instead save as much as we can. Isn't it true that there are a lot of times when we have leftover food at home. While some of us usually throw most of it away, a foodie person or someone who enjoys cooking always tries their level best to find unique yet exciting ways of using it to knock up new tasteful dishes. Today, you are going to find out how you can use leftover idlis or idli batter at home. Idlis are savory rice cakes that are made by steaming a batter, consisting of fermented black lentils and rice. For those days when you have leftover idli or idli batter at home, we have some recipes you can try making using the leftovers in the kitchen. Without further ado, here are the delicious ones you and your family will love.  

3 Leftover Idli Recipes: 

1. Masala Idli Using Leftover Idli

Masala idli is one of the easiest yet quickest recipes that can be made in a jiffy. You barely need any special ingredients other than just regular kitchen spices and oil for frying.

2. Leftover Idlizza (Idly Pizza)

Idli pizza is a fantastic fusion of pizza and idli. It's one of those recipes that is bound to win over everyone’s heart. 

3. Leftover Idli Pakoda

Make this unique idli pakora that serves as a wholesome snack. Impress your guests with a plate of idli pakoras that will surely leave them wowed. 

2 Leftover Idli Batter Recipes:

1. Pungulu With Leftover Idli Batter

Punugulu is a bite-sized snack that’s deliciously crispy and soft. Making a batch of punugulu is a perfect way to use leftover idli batter. 

2. Paniyaram (Using Leftover Idli Batter)

Another great way you can use leftover idli batter is by making soft and flavorful balls of paniyaram or appe.