Kitchen Tips: Mistakes To Avoid While Cooking Prawns

Needless to say, seafood lovers can never say no to a prawn dish. The appetizing crustacean has the ability to make anyone drool over it for days. Be it pan-fried, a spicy curry or a simple soup, prawn dishes are textural marvels with irresistible deliciousness and aroma. However, the only problem with savouring prawn dishes is cooking them perfectly. I mean who wants to eat dry, chewy and rubbery prawns? Cooking prawns is not as fun and easy as relishing them. A plate of delicious and perfectly cooked prawns involves everything- from buying, prepping and cooking them. Are you also tired of eating chewy, dry and overcooked prawns and want to solve the prawn problems for ance and for all? Here are three common mistakes you need to avoid. 

1. Improper Thawing

Prawns are delicate and can cook in no time.  So, thawing them in the microwave or warm or hot water isn’t a good idea. It is advisable to thaw them in a colander inside a bowl to hold excess water inside the fridge. 


2. Not Deveining 

We do understand that deveining prawns is one of the most tiring kitchen chores out there and you absolutely hate it. Although eating that thin vein won’t hurt you, its flavour distracting your palate from the sweet and delicate flavour of prawns is certainly not something you’d want. Read this article to make cleaning prawns an easier task to do. 

3. Overcooking 

Overcooking is one of the worst things to happen while cooking prawns as the meat goes from raw to chewy and dry in minutes. One must pay attention to the colour and the opaqueness of prawns while cooking them. When the meat on the head part of the prawns is pink and opaque, it’s done. Another thing to keep in mind to check if prawns are cooked or not is the shape. If the prawns curl to form a ‘c’ shape, it’s an indication that they are cooked. 

We hope you will keep these mistakes in mind and don’t repeat them the next time you cook prawns at home. Do try the embedded recipes and let us know how you like them.