5 Vadas You Can Add To Your Monsoon Breakfast Spread
Image Credit: Freepik.com

We like to start our day on a high, and our range of delicious breakfast items are of much help. Whether it is the Chole Bhature from Punjab, or the Benne Dosa from Bengaluru, the options are endless. One of the most beloved breakfast dish that also doubles up as a tea-time snack is a vada. The crispness of vadas also makes them incredibly popular in monsoon, much like the pakodas. Vadas are of many kinds. Some can be thin and crisp, some can be soft and spongy. Even the ingredients can vary from recipe to recipe. Vadas have been around for centuries. Food Historian KT Achaya noted in his book, that the ancient Tamils enjoyed vadas, during 100 BCE – 300 CE. A recipe of a type of vada, called ‘vataka’ is also mentioned in the 12th century, Manasollasa, a Sanskrit encyclopedia compiled by King Someshwara III. 

Now, of course, there are many, many kinds of vadas that can be found in all kinds of Indian recipe books. Here are 5 that you can prepare for your breakfast soon.

Sabudana Vada

Popular across Maharashtra, Sabudana vada are vadas made with soaked tapioca balls, mashed potato, peanut powder, green chilli paste and salt. If you replace salt with rock salt, they even make for a yummy vrat-friendly recipe.

Bread Vada

Use up your leftover bread to make this soft and crunchy vada. Fry them until golden and then enjoy with ketchup of chutney. Easy, fuss-free, and oh-so-delicious.  

Instant Medu Vada

Medu Vada is a popular South Indian vada, that looks a lot like an Indian doughnut. This ring-like vada is renowned for its sponginess. Made with slices of bread, rice flour and yogurt, this vada tastes best when paired with coconut or tomato chutney.  

Parippu Vada

Also known as Dal Vada in other parts of the country, Parippu Vada is a popular snack item in Kerala. The word ‘Parippu’ refers to lentils. And lentils sure steal the show here. Made with chana dal, shallots, curry leaves, ginger, green chillies, dry red chillies, the nutty, crispy texture of this vada is quite addictive.  

Batata Vada

Also called bonda in Karnataka, Batata Vada is a deep-fried, mashed potato patty with a coating of chickpea flour. You can have this crispy vada as it is, or sneak it inside two pavs for your very own vada pav.