Katrina Kaif Eats Healthy Even On Vacation, Here’s Proof
Image Credit: Katrina Kaif/Instagram, Her healthy eats also featured a chia pudding.

It is hard to find people who are so determined and focused in what they do. One such motivated person is Bollywood star Katrina Kaif. The actress recently turned 39 and celebrated her birthday at the picturesque Maldives. Joined by her close friends and family, Katrina made the most of her time and her social media is proof. However, the fitness freak did not forget about her diet even on vacation.

Amid all the fun and pretty pictures, Katrina shared a photograph on her Instagram stories recently. She captioned it saying, “Paradise”. While the view looked serene and beautiful, it was the bowl she was holding that caught our attention. Held against the scenic beach of Maldives, the bowl was filled with sliced mangoes and what looked like passion fruit at the corner. She referred to this as paradise and seems like the health-conscious Katrina cannot live without her fruit intake.

Source: Shutterstock

On the edge, we also saw another bowl which contained what looked like a chia pudding. Although Katrina likes to indulge once in a while, she is known to follow her diet anywhere and everywhere. In fact, she doesn’t believe in snacking and her usual nibbles include healthy bites like these fruits and puddings. Even when it comes to sweet cravings, the actor prefers natural sugar over refined one and eats date balls after meals to satiate the sweet tooth. 

An ardent follower of a clean and healthy diet, she carries her food during shoots and prefers to eat home-cooked meals twice a day. In fact, the actor also avoids dairy and gluten-based products so as to keep gut-related problems at bay. While everyone cheats once in a while, Katrina is one of the few people who maintain their diet and healthy routine even during vacation.