A Sneak Peek Into Katrina Kaif’s Daily Diet And Eating Habits
Image Credit: Katrina Kaif/Instagram, She loves to eat salads and stews during the day.

There are many Bollywood actors who one can look up to for fitness motivation. But what makes Katrina Kaif stand out is her strict regime and determination. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she is one of the fittest actors in the Hindi film industry currently, and manages to maintain herself despite her hectic work schedule. The secret to her glowing skin and fit body lies in her diet. Eating healthy is as important as working out regularly to keep oneself active and healthy. While Katrina alternates between several kinds of exercise regimes like Pilates and strength-training, she also follows a strict diet that is full of nutrition. Based on her body type, she includes those foods in her diet that help her achieve a certain goal. 

Katrina has an alkaline body, her celebrity nutritionist said during an interview with a media portal. According to her, Katrina follows a natural diet, revolving around organic and seasonal foods. While the actress doesn’t count calories, her focus is to always have a balance of proteins and carbs. Preferring home-cooked food twice a day, she also carries her food to shoots to avoid unhealthy bites. In fact, the actor loves Asian cuisine and some of her favourite foods include edamame and avocado salad, quinoa pancakes, lettuce wraps, and steamed fish. 

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She also likes to drink lentil stews and vegetable soups once in a while to balance the fluid intake in her body and her preferred soup usually has broccoli and drumsticks in it, according to a report in Vogue. She likes to keep her meals light and nutrition-rich, so that she can function through the day. Her clean diet also features vegetable juices like cucumber and celery which remove toxins from the body. Moreover, she starts her day with eight soaked raisins with fennel seeds, as recommended to her by her nutritionist because this helps to keep the gut healthy. 

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, she does give in to her sweet cravings by indulging in sweet balls made with dates for dessert after most meals. This is her alternative to refined sugar sweet meats. There are days or times when Katrina cheats her diet, but the good part is that she is back on track as soon as she realises that she has over-indulged, as per her nutritionist’s interview with GQ India.