5 Healthy Ideas To Make Your Favourite Foods
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Junk Food Day 2022.

Who says junk food should always be avoided? It would be unfair to do so, especially when an entire day is dedicated to celebrate this food. Junk foods, for the unversed, are usually items that are high on calories and fats with a low nutritional value, in the simplest sense of the term. Since the food doesn’t add much nutrition to one’s body, it is often recommended to not be eaten very frequently. However, junk food can be healthy too.

As much as it may sound like a paradox, there are various ways in which all your burgers, pizzas and fries can be made healthy. Slight tweaks in the ingredients and preparation can actually turn that carb-loaded burger into a healthy treat. Wondering how to do it? Here are some healthy ideas that can give your junk food a quick healthy makeover. 

1.  Healthy Pasta

This Italian dish is usually made with all-purpose flour and is a calorie-loaded dish. However, you can actually make your favourite pasta with minimum calories. Start by choosing the right kind of pasta i.e. either whole wheat or ragi pasta. Then, opt for a homemade tomato-based sauce rather than a packaged one and avoid creamy white sauce. Add in loads of vegetables like broccoli, spinach, baby corn etc. to increase the nutritional value. Finally, avoid adding the pasta water in the end for cooking as it contains a lot of starch. 

2.  Healthy Burgers 

The soft and delicious buns can also be made with wheat instead of maida. The main highlight of a burger is the patty and you can make that healthy too, by choosing leaner meats like chicken, turkey and fish. Avoid red meats and bacon as they are high on calories. Ditch the mayonnaise and replace it with a hung curd sauce prepared at home and add lots of sliced veggies like tomatoes, onions etc. to make it wholesome and crunchy. 

3.  Healthy Pizza 

If you thought that your favourite slice of pizza would always be forbidden if you want to lose weight, you’re mistaken. The same pizza can be given a healthy twist by opting for certain pizza base, sauces and toppings. Firstly, choose a nutritious base like the one made with wheat, jowar or ragi. For the toppings, one important tip to keep in mind is to go easy on the cheese. Sprinkle all kinds of colourful vegetables on the base like spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes after slathering the homemade pizza sauce. Garnish with a little cheese and bake to perfection. 

4.  Healthy Chips 

Chips aka the crunchy nibbles do not always have to light on the tongue but high on calories. The crispy bites are often made with potatoes which make them starchy but you can ditch them for healthier alternatives. These include ragi chips, banana chips and carrot chips. These crisps can be baked instead of their fried counterparts to give a healthy touch. Prepare a light and healthy yoghurt dip at home to pair with the chips and enjoy. 

5.  Healthy Tacos 

Tacos, for the unversed, are Mexican treats made with tortillas and filled with vegetables and meat. Here again, the tortillas come in several varieties and it is best to opt for the whole wheat ones. The toasted tortilla can then be filled with fresh, raw vegetables like lettuce, onions, tomatoes, spinach, carrots etc. to make them crunchy. Lean meats like chicken can be diced into smaller chunks and added to the tacos. Avoid creamy and heavy sauces and limit the number of sauces you drizzle on it. Opt for a fresh, homemade pesto sauce.