Jalebi For Breakfast Recipes, A Sweet And Savoury Combination
Image Credit: Jalebi and its yummy pairings

Jalebi comes from the Persian word zalbiya, where the latter used to be made in a floral coil shape and dipped in rose water and honey syrup. But the present-day jalebi that arrived in India with the Persian traders has irregular coils and is dipped in sugar syrup. The fried entangled loops turn orange when fried, and the colour is brightened as soon as they are immersed in sugar syrup for some time.

Drenched in sweetness, jalebis are a commonly made sweet in India today, with halwais frying them right from early morning. That’s because in many parts of the country, you would find this crispy, fried mithai being paired with savoury breakfast options. What are they? Let’s find out.

1.     Poha Jalebi  

Indore, in Madhya Pradesh, is well-known for its breakfast treat called poha. Here, the flattened rice flakes are cooked slightly differently from the Maharashtrian versions. Finished off with Ratlami sev, chopped onions, boondi, and pomegranate arils, this Indori poha is often served with a side of freshly fried jalebis. The sweet and savoury combo is a breakfast favourite here.

2.     Kachori-Jalebi  

Some may think that two fried delights cannot make a great breakfast combination. But this kachori-jalebi combination will surely prove you wrong. The kachoris are puffed breads stuffed with dal, onions, and other fillings and deep-fried. These are savoured with a side of sugary jalebis in Bihar. The Bihari kachoris are often stuffed with sattu flour and relished with this Indian sweet.

3.     Fafda-Jalebi  

For those who have been fans of the show, Tarak Mehta, this combination would not be a surprise. A typical Gujarati breakfast, gram-flour-based fritters like fafdas, shaped like thick strips and fried until light golden, are savoured with jalebi with each bite. Freshly made on the streets of the region, you would find this breakfast pairing very common in Gujarat.

4.     Samosa-Jalebi  

Now that we’ve already established that crispy and fried bites complement the jalebi pretty well, it comes as no surprise that samosas have made it to the list too. The conical, deep-fried puff pastry is made with all-purpose flour and stuffed with mashed potatoes. The crispy edges and soft interiors make it a delightful breakfast item. To go with it, often jalebis are added to the plate instead of chutney.