Doodh-Jalebi: A Power-Packed Winter Breakfast
Image Credit: Yummy/facebook

Winter is the season of indulging in delectable and warm delicacies without worrying about those extra calories. From adding a dollop of ghee on our parathas to savouring variety of soups, it’s a season to dive into mouth-watering dishes. Winter also brings a variety of combo foods that not only taste delicious but also help in keeping our body warm. The most popular combo is makki roti and sarson ka saag followed by paratha-makkhan. Another such combo is doodh and jalebi. Mostly popular in north Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana, it is a popular breakfast during winter season. 

Yes, the nostalgic combo that we used to enjoy during winter functions as children. The memory of this delicious combo would have blurred but the taste remains the same on our palate. The piping hot jalebi that is sinfully sweet along with some milk, is an amazing meal. This unique combo of thickened milk along with juicy jalebi is also available on the streets during winter. But the best thing about doodh-jalebi is that it can keep your body warm during winter. 

Here are a few health benefits of having doodh-jalebi: 

Beneficial For Migraine And Reduces Stress 

It is known to be an effective cure for headaches and stress. Eating doodh-jalebi in the morning can help in reducing the stress hormones and the nutrients present in the milk helps in reducing headache. Therefore, you can have this combo whenever you are stressed.

Protects Against Cold 

Seasonal illness like cold and cough can be cured with hot jalebi soaked in warm milk. This delicious combo is also known for curing rough skin. This is the main reason why doodh-jalebi is popular during winter. 

Weight Gain 

If you are looking for luscious ways to gain weight, doodh-jalebi is the perfect meal for you. As jalebi is made by frying and dipping in sugar syrup, it can help you gain weight naturally. Always choose whole milk as it has higher number of calories and beneficial nutrients. 

How To Make Doodh-Jalebi 

Put some hot and juicy jalebis in a tall glass and fill it with warm milk (you can also use cold or thickened milk). Top it with a thick wedge of fresh cream or malai and enjoy. You can bring jalebi from the nearby sweet shop or make it at home.  

Indulge in this super delicious combo during winter mornings and enjoy the chilly season.