10 Indian Dishes With Tomato As A Base Ingredient
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Did you know tomatoes were first sown in India after the Portuguese came in, and they were grown to cater to the needs of the imperialists? Whatever be the origin, these tangy, tasty fruits (that are mostly consumed as a vegetable) have become an integral part of India desi gourmet recipes, so much so that probably we cannot think of a dish without putting a tomato, whether in its pureed or chopped or blanched forms. However, few recipes can be prepared without onions and only tomatoes as their base. Want to know more? 

Here are 10 Indian recipes that you can make by only using tomatoes as base sans onions and even garlic:

  • Dal Makhani Or Paneer Makhni: The very sight of the creamy, thick and aromatic dal or paneer makhani can make your mouth water. But this succulently delicious gravy is made without a tad bit of onion. To make this, you need a lot of tomatoes that are first blanched and then pureed along with spices and butter, and it is this tangy flavour that lends this dish its unique taste.
  • Tomato Chutney: A sweet, savoury item often prepared in Bengali kitchens, tomato chutney is something you are sure to be served at weddings and puja celebrations. You can pep it up with some mango candy pulp and dates for a lip-smacking sweet and tangy flavour.
  • Tomato Rice: A tangy rice pulao made with tomatoes as a base can be made spicy by adding green chillies according to your taste. You may also add some mixed vegetables if you wish to, although the authentic tomato rice is made without veggies.
  • Tomato Dal: Another delicious Indian recipe with only tomato as its main ingredient and lentils, tomato dal is prepared with mustard seeds and curry leaves as its spices. You can also add sambhar masala to spice it up in the south Indian style.
  • Tomato Curry: A coastal delicacy includes tomato puree and coconut and the basic spices that lend their quintessential flavour and can be served with rotis and rice.
  • Bengali Chhanar Dalna: Chhana or chhena or paneer curry, when prepared in the vegetarian style sans onions and garlic, has tomatoes and ginger and cumin paste as its main ingredients. Spice it up with only turmeric and red chilli powder and garnish it with ghee at the end for an indelible flavour.
  • Tomato Thokku: A south Indian chutney served with idlis and dosas, this is a zesty tomato pickle prepared with mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chillies.
  • Tomato Soup: For the cold winter evenings, when you wish to snuggle under your blanket, make a quick bowl of nutritious soup with pureed tomatoes and carrots. Pep it up with salt and pepper.
  • Tomato Potato Subzi: Potatoes have the power to blend and mingle with everything and when prepared with only tomatoes. They make a great combination with parathas and puris. Chop some potatoes, put some kalonji into heated oil in a pan and green chillies, add the potatoes and fry it for some time. Then top it up with chopped tomatoes and cover it. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.
  • Tomato Upma: A wholesome breakfast recipe, upma made of rava or sooji, spiced up with tangy tomatoes and spices, is a great way to start your day in an energised, happy mood.

Now, do you think you need onions to make gravy?

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