Ragi is a whole grain providing numerous health benefits, and this is why health-conscious people want it as part of their diet. Popularly referred to as finger millet or nachni, ragi is abundant in fibre, calcium, amino acids and vitamins. 

If consumed regularly, it can help control depression, reduce weight and combat diabetes and anaemia. Despite its numerous health benefits, adding ragi to the daily diet has been a concern for many. Here are a few ragi dishes that you can include in your menu:

Ragi Pizza

Pizza falls under the junk food category, and hence health-conscious people run away from it. But if you love pizza and want to try a healthier version, ragi pizza is what you should pick. Generally, the dough for making pizza base is prepared with the help of all-purpose flour, which is quite unhealthy. You can, therefore, switch the flour with ragi. After making the base, prepare ragi pizza with lots of vegetables and eat it with pleasure.

Ragi Idli

Idli is considered a light and healthy food. Therefore, most people like to eat it for breakfast apart from lunch. But if you want to eat this South Indian recipe with a twist, you can try ragi idli, which is healthier than rice idli or rava idli. For this, prepare a solution of ragi flour, put it in an idli maker and steam it to prepare ragi idli. Then, you can eat it with tasty sambar and coconut chutney.

Ragi Samosa

Do you want to incorporate taste into your cheat meal? Then I have a good idea, why not try some ragi samosas. For this, while preparing the dough for samosa, use ragi flour instead of all-purpose flour. After this, you can prepare tasty ragi samosa at home by preparing the stuffing. Then, it can be devoured with chutney or ketchup.

Ragi Biscuits

Ragi biscuits are a great option with tea to calm your hunger pangs. You can quickly bake ragi biscuits at home in the oven or microwave, and they will be ready in no time. But if you do not want to make ragi biscuits at home, you can also easily get them from the market.

Ragi Pancake

If you want to eat something delicious and healthy for breakfast, ragi pancakes can be a good idea. This easy-to-make ragi pancake recipe comprises ragi flour, milk, powdered sugar, baking soda and ghee. It is deficient in calories and can be consumed by health freaks.

Ragi Malpua

Most of the Indians prefer malpua instead of pancakes. However, if you are also a fan, it's time to prepare ragi malpua. In this, you can choose the filling of your choices, such as grated coconut, nuts etc. Lastly, use sugar syrup or honey to enjoy its sweetness.

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