Add Sweetness To Your Breakfast With These Delicious Honey Based Options
Image Credit: Honey Based Breakfast

Breakfast is comprehended to be one of the important meals of the day and with good reason. After the overnight fasting period, our bodies require nutrients and glucose to replenish energy levels, making it necessary to consume a nutritious, balanced breakfast. However, unfortunately, according to a study by Kelloggs, 1 in 4 Indians skipped breakfast, while a whopping 72% either skimped or had a nutritionally inadequate breakfast. Although there is growing awareness about the significance of a healthy breakfast, people face an everyday dilemma: What can we eat for breakfast? Since most of us lead busy lives that don’t allow the luxury of making an elaborate spread, what better breakfast to consume than something natural, healthy, and yet delicious and simple? 

Mr Raunak Khosla, Founder at Bee My Boo, talks about honey and bee pollen, the superfoods 

A combination of flower, pollen, nectar, enzymes, honey wax, and bee secretion, bee pollen is collected by honeybees from plants and transported to their beehives. These yellowish pellets can often be seen stored in jars at local shops selling organic food. However, this mildly sweet superfood isn’t just a garnish; it contains several vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins and can help reduce inflammation in the body. Besides this, there’s yet another superfood staple in most of our kitchens – honey. 

Honey, a natural sweetener, is a phytonutrient powerhouse rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties, helps lower blood pressure, and has many other benefits. What’s more is that golden-coloured liquid goes perfectly with almost every food – be it toast, tea, cereal, or your breakfast smoothie. But did you know that your regular honey isn’t the only available kind? Yes, you read that right – there are several different flavours of honey derived from other natural sources, making it a versatile breakfast option. 

Coriander Honey 

Coriander is a kitchen staple in Indian households, but have you ever tried Coriander Honey? It may seem slightly offbeat but comes with several benefits, such as helping with ulcers, hyperacid gastritis, and constipation. With a mildly alkaline pH level, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties give an immunity boost – something that is much-needed at present. If you’re craving sugar but wish to keep your gut clean and healthy, you can pair Coriander Honey with dessert or even add it to your morning fruity tea. 

Raw Mustard Cream Honey 

Picture this: You’ve got the perfect toast and open a jar of creamy, sweet, and utterly natural spread, and bite into it, relishing the explosion of flavours in your mouth. Sounds mouth-watering. Raw Mustard Cream Honey is this creamy, sweet, natural spread that is not only delicious but packed with nutrients too. Sourced from the pure pollen and nectar of mustard flowers, it helps in weight loss, treats cold and cough, and stabilises the body’s glycogen levels. 

Breakfast with bee pollen 

Bee pollen can be relished in several ways – blended with smoothies or sprinkled over smoothie bowls or overnight oats. Apart from this, bee pollen can also be consumed with desserts, or used for coating energy balls, added to granola, warm drinks, and more. Now, since we’ve spoken much about honey and bee pollen, we’ll leave you with a recipe that will make for a delicious, healthy, yet simple breakfast.

Coffee Honey 

A must-have for all the coffee enthusiasts who cannot begin their day without a freshly brewed, hot cup of coffee, Coffee Honey is not only rich in antioxidants but gives nearly the same energy as a cup of coffee. Slather it onto your croissant or toast, and your breakfast now has a delicious, healthy twist! It’s sure to keep the coffee-lovers hooked and reaching for the jar every day. 

Black Forest Honey 

No, this is not the cake, but it is just as delicious and healthy too! With a distinct rich, dark colour, black forest honey not only facilitates blood circulation but also acts as a nerve relaxant and improves cognitive function – something we certainly need for our busy, stressful lives. So drizzle some over your breakfast pancakes or French toast and enjoy! 

Moringa Honey 

Yet another wonder-honey for gut health, Moringa Honey, collected by bees from the nectar of the Moringa flower, is known for improving digestion. With the dual qualities of pure honey and the immunity-boosting effects of the Moringa plant, this honey gives a natural glow, and who doesn’t wish for glowing skin?