Indian rice dishes have always come to our rescue when we crave a filling, healthy and wholesome meal. Be it the basic and comforting dal-chawal or the ever-popular and delicious Biryani, Indian rice dishes are all things wholesome and delicious. But there are times when dal-chawal is too simple and biryani is too heavy. And that’s when pulao comes to our rescue. The one-pot dish is filling, flavourful and fragrant and is perfect for an easy, quick and delicious meal. The love for pulao has made Indians make several versions of the same dish starting from the simple matar pulao to the flavourful hariyali pulao. Although making the dish is quite simple and doesn’t let us shed a sweat, it does make us put on our thinking caps when it comes to a side dish to serve with it. So, to help you out with the same, here are three sides that you can count on to serve with pulao. To make pulao, rice, some whole spices and veggies or meat are added to the pressure cooker or a pan and are cooked together. Click on the recipe below for a detailed recipe to make the humble matar pulao at home.

1. Onion Raita

When it comes to dishes with rich flavours, one can’t help but pair them with a curd side. And for pulao, we think onion raita is one perfect side dish. The simple yet indulgent raita is easy, quick and flavourful. Season it with salt and black pepper powder and relish.

2. Shorba

The number of flavourful stews and soups in India is endless. And we can’t miss mentioning Shorba when talking about Indian stews and soups. The flavourful stew is made with aromatic herbs and spices and is perfect to savour with pulao. And can you even doubt the combination of two comfort foods?

3. Salan

The Hyderabadi side dish is spicy, flavourful and delicious. Salan is mainly made with Shimla mirchi and is a perfect side dish for different rice dishes. The rich and robust peanut and chilli gravy deliciously compliments the subtle flavours of pulao. Make this dish in a jiffy and have a delicious and filling meal.

What would you prefer having with your pulao out of these three? Do let us know.