3 Chicken Burgers That Have Indulgence Written All Over Them
Image Credit: From Hawaiian chicken burger to Japanese chicken burger, there are plenty of chicken burgers to try.

Making a burger seems to be a cakewalk, doesn’t it? Oftentimes, we treat burgers to be an easy dish to make and do not give enough credit to the chef. This mindset comes from the idea that a burger consists of just buns and a patty. Add to that, some veggies and you are good to go. Although we cannot disagree about the fact that eating a burger comes in quite handy, it is definitely not an easy job either. A pizza, on the other hand, is a bigger affair and you can’t possibly eat a pizza while standing in the metro or bus. The art of making burgers lies in every step of its preparation.  

Right from the selection of burger buns and vegetables to sauces and the core of the burger, the patty, each step is really crucial. If the patty is overcooked or undercooked, it ruins the taste of the entire burger. Getting a juicy and crispy patty that retains its individual flavour while blending in with the other burger toppings is what a good patty is all about. I love homemade burgers as much as the heavily loaded restaurant-style burgers. Since I love experimenting with the burgers all the time, I always try to add a new element to them when I make them at home.  

Chicken is my favourite protein for burgers. Whether you mince it to give it the shape of a patty or simply place a deep-fried chicken in the centre of the burger, I love them all. If you’re a fan too, then here are plenty of ways to make chicken burgers at home beyond the classic chicken cheese burger that you’ve been having all this while.  

1.  Spicy Hawaiian Chicken Burger  

Turn on the heat because these Hawaiian chicken burgers are sure to set your mouth on fire. The patty is nothing but ground chicken that has been seasoned with smoked paprika, chilli powder, cumin and garlic. Drizzle some soy sauce and slice some pepper cheese on top and serve it with a final layer of pineapples. Yes, don’t be surprised. You might want to disown someone who likes pineapple in their pizza but in a burger, well, it might not be that bad.  

2.  Japanese Chicken Burger  

What’s that one thing you associate with Japanese cuisine apart from sushi? It's wasabi. This time, be ready to have your minds blown by this fiery Japanese chicken burger with a layer of wasabi paste. The patty is generally a crumb-coated chicken breast fillet that has been deep-fried before being placed on the bun. Lots of greens and veggies like carrots and radish are added to the burger too.  

3.   Mediterranean Chicken Burger 

Freshly ground chicken is placed on the burger bun along with diced sun-dried tomatoes and red onions. Alongside, some spinach is also layered onto the burger to give it a greenish hue and a crunch. Sprinkle some mustard sauce and a dash of lemon juice and your tangy burger is ready.