Hina Khan’s Asian Food Trail Will Make You Crave Sushi
Image Credit: Hina Khan/Instagram, The actress was on an Asian food spree last night.

From soap opera to Bollywood, actor Hina Khan has definitely come a long way. She has also featured in several reality TV shows thereafter, but what kept her fans hooked to her social media pages were her food stories. The foodie fashion icon was devouring Asian delights last night, and we are already drooling.

Hina’s food adventures have always been a tempting sight that cannot be missed. Take her vacation pictures, for instance. She was in Thailand with her mother for a few days and ended up giving us major cravings with the authentic Thai meals that she was having. This time, it’s pan-Asian on her mind, as she dines at a restaurant in Mumbai, called Goma.

Her dinner consisted of a variety of Asian delicacies - starting with the quintessential Japanese sushi. She posted a video of the making of the sushi, as the chef layered the rice in the seaweed and wrapped it all together with prawns. Next up, she was spotted sipping soup from a bowl and gave a thumbs up at the end. Then, she held a red cocktail in her hand and posed for the camera. Finally, she took us through the main spread.

This consisted of a yellow curry, a crunchy, and fresh salad with lettuce and more, orange-coloured dimsums, sautéed chilli prawns and roasted mushrooms. Of course, there were drinks but the desserts were the highlight. There was a baked cheesecake with a scoop of ice cream, followed by several chocolate desserts like a chocolate fondant and mousse.

Everything looked lip-smacking and wholesome and we couldn’t keep our eyes off it. However, this isn’t the first time that Hina has made us drool and crave good food. During festivals, particularly Eid, Hina left no stone unturned to get the best of delicacies on her table, including biryani, kebabs, tikkas, curries, and more.