Happy Easter: These 5 Desserts Should Definitely Be A Part Of Your Festive Feast
Image Credit: Pixabay, From pies to bunny cakes, Easter is full of colourful sweet treats.

Also known as Resurrection day, Easter is a special occasion for all the Christians around the globe as it marks the day Jesus Christ was resurrected. It is believed that three days after Jesus Christ was crucified on the holy cross, he returned to life from the burial. This day commemorates this miraculous incident and is therefore, a day of joy and celebration. The Easter celebrations begin early on and go on for about a week till Sunday, i.e. Easter day. This year, Easter falls on 17th April and the festive cheer can already be felt in the air. 

From fun, recreational activities like painting Easter eggs to getting together with your family to sing and dance, the festival incorporates a lavish Sunday feast too. Eggs are intrinsic to any Easter celebration because they are believed to signify the birth of a new life. This ancient symbol of life has been a part of Easter since times immemorial. In fact, there are several interesting food traditions that are followed on  this day. Take the hot cross buns of United Kingdom or the herb soup of Germany. The leg of lamb, which is an Easter favourite in France, is also a popular meat cooked during Easter. 

Beyond these savouries, there are plenty of desserts without which Easter would feel incomplete. So, get ready to dig into some decadent sweet meats for Easter this season. 

1.  Easter Rhubarb Pie 

Pies are quite common in Christian festive celebrations. However, this pie has something special in it. Not apples or bananas, the pie is made from rhubarb, a sour vegetable. The reddish stalks of rhubarb lend the pie filling a bright red hue which makes it very appetizing. The vegetable is sweetened and then stuffed into the crusty pie. 

2.  Easter Bunny Cake 

The cute and innocent face of the bunny might make your heart melt but it is definitely something you cannot miss out on. Covered in sweetened coconut flakes, the ears and tongue of the bunny are made using a pink icing gel while a black fondant is used for the eyes. This oh-so-festive cake will be a hit among kids. 

3.  Easter Cupcakes 

Each dessert is given a special Easter touch which adds to the joy of the occasion. The cupcakes are bigger than usual and they are topped with colourful Easter eggs along with loads of finely grated coconut. The eggs provide a pop of colour to the dessert. 

4.  Easter Trifles 

Heard of the creamy trifle pudding? These Easter trifles are amazing. They come packed with raspberry jelly, vanilla custard, frozen hot cross buns and some more raspberries. The bunny ears are placed on top to give it a cute, bunny look. 

5.  Easter Bread Wreath 

This braided bread is an Easter special. The soft and moist bread is drizzled with orange zest, granulated sugar and a dash of colourful sprinklers.