Green Beans Recipes: 5 Ways To Add Them To Your Dinner Plate
Image Credit: Green Beans Potatoes

When it’s time for dinner, our mind often tends to wander in different directions, thinking of ways to prepare a good evening meal. Since lunch is usually a larger meal, dinner is often recommended to be light and healthy because there wouldn’t be much body movement after that. In such a case, eating salads and lots of greens is always a great idea. Green beans are one such vegetable that can be added to your meals. 

Rich in Vitamin K and calcium, the unripe beans are shaped like strings which can be cut into smaller pieces to be made into a wholesome subzi or added to another dish. It could be a gravy or curry or simply, a pulao that is packed with the nutritional value of green beans. Not only is it high in folate but it is great for strengthening muscles too.  

Here are a few recipes that you can try at home.  

1.   Green Beans Buttermilk Curry

Many a time, you may want to eat a nice, gravy dish instead of a dry sabzi. So instead of tossing the beans in the pan, you can always dunk them into a creamy curry. The curry is made with buttermilk and adds a tangy touch to the curry. Add to this, some coconut and green chilli and you’ll be sorted for dinner. Pair with rice and enjoy.  

 2.   Green Beans And Potatoes  

This is one of the easiest ways to cook green beans. Chop the beans into smaller pieces and dice potatoes too. Toss them together in a pot with spices like red chilli, turmeric powder and salt. Add onions and tomatoes to it and cook it for a few minutes. This works well with chapati and tastes delicious.   

3.   Green Beans Fry

A crispy vegetable that can be eaten as a snack as well as a main dish, these green beans fry add a crunchy twist to the healthy beans. The beans are chopped and coated with chickpea flour. The beans are tossed in some spices like cumin powder, red chilli powder and more. These beans are then deep-fried and the resulting dish is a lip-smacking vegetable.

4.   Green Beans Pulao  

If you’re not in the mood to cook roti and veggies separately, pulao is the best option. The one-pot dish can be filled with all the ingredients of your choice. In this recipe, you can load up on green beans and flavour it with caramelised onions, bay leaves and garam masala. The rice is cooked in a pressure cooker and after a few whistles, let it rest and then dig into the aromatic rice. 

5.   Sri Lankan Green Beans Curry

Another way to dunk the dry green beans into a curry is by making this Sri Lankan recipe. The flavours of coconut milk and banana shallots are tossed with curry leaves and made into a creamy curry. The curry brings out the flavours of Sri Lanka really well and is a perfect match for rice.