Barbunya: Turkish Beans For Dinner, Potlucks, And Brunches
Image Credit: Image credit: Pexels | Pinti beans a Turkish dish

Freshly picked pinto beans have a unique hue and feel. It is a delight to prepare and cook this dish because of the attractive pink to purple speckles that cover their cream-colored hulls. Turkish chefs are the best people to understand this feeling. Turkish cuisine often uses a variety of fresh and dried beans. It makes sense that there are so many delectable bean recipes to choose from in Turkey. 

Even though fresh ones are preferred, they can be frozen toward the end of the summer and utilized in the winter. You can also use dry or even canned pinto beans, depending on the time of year. Dried beans should be soaked the night before cooking if you decide to use them. Pinto beans are the most popular and adored among the olive oil recipes in Turkish homes. They're consumed cold. For dinner parties, potlucks, and brunches, pinto beans in olive oil can make a delicious side dish or buffet platter. Excellent for vegans and vegetarians. They are tasty and filling as well. 



Heat a saucepan. Meanwhile, peel and chop your onion and garlic. Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to a saucepan and then add chopped onion and garlic. The onion and garlic should be sautéed until they are tender and reduced. 

Add in the beans, carrots, grated tomato, sugar, spices, and tomato paste. Mix the beans with just enough water to cover them while stirring. 

Heat should be turned down to a simmer after the mixture comes to a boil. When the beans and carrots are cooked and most of the water has been reduced, let the beans simmer gently for a while. Remove the pan from the heat once the beans are cooked through, then leave it to cool. The beans should be carefully spooned onto your serving platter once they have cooled. Over the top, evenly distribute the olive oil. When ready to serve, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate. Add your chopped Italian parsley leaves as a garnish just before serving.