Loaded Calzone To Mozzarella Spiedini: 5 Global Recipes To Look Out For In 2022
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Each year there is a variety of food trends that rule the market. Also, the best way to be updated about these food trends is through social media. We combed through dozens of 2022 food trend forecasts and enlisted the support of industry professionals to glimpse into the future. Many of the anticipated food trends for 2022 have been influenced or inspired by related pivots. However, a few other culinary trends prove that we're getting closer to that "new normal" with fewer limits and larger tables. We’ve got you covered, whether you're a seasoned at-home chef seeking for new recipes to try or you're just learning to cook and need a little assistance.

Chef Alisha Faleiro, Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts, shares five recipes to try in 2022, ranging from tried-and-true classics to creative twists on classics.

Vegetarian Mozzarella Spiedini

Who came up with the notion of deep-frying cheese? Let's not complain, and rather than chasing fried mozz down its dark rabbit hole; we chose to reimagine the idea altogether. We've essentially re-engineered the whole fried mozzarella package on skewers (spiedini in Italian) by grilling cheese, bread, and tomatoes together: gooey melted cheese and crunchy bits of bread plus a burst of tomato to top it off. Thin slices of beef or other meat are skewered and coated in bread crumbs, olive oil, garlic, onions, and marinara sauce in a typical Italian spiedini. Substituting the meat with fresh mozzarella cheese, the bread crumbs with baguette crust, the rest of the stuffing with cherry tomatoes, and the skewers (or spiedini) with rosemary sprigs makes this a vegetarian-friendly variation. It's ideal for a gathering where you don't want to wash a single piece of silverware!

Peaches and Green Smoothie Bowl

One of the most delectable ways to get your greens is with this smoothie bowl. It also has 11 grams of protein, making it a full breakfast providing you with the energy you would need for the entire day. Thanks to many peaches, this bowl is incredibly delicious from start to finish. A creamy smoothie bowl base is made with one cup of peach pieces, almond milk, kale, and yoghurt. The addition of extra peach slices is indeed the icing on the cake. It's a bit on the sweet side; hence if you decide to have this smoothie bowl for breakfast or as a snack, keep an eye on sugar intake for the rest of the day. Nonetheless, the kale's nutritional benefits, as well as the peaches', make this a healthy breakfast alternative. This hearty bowl will keep you full for a long time with fibre.

Veggie and Chicken Loaded Calzone

A calzone is a little more than a pizza folded over on itself and sealed. Given the sorts (and quantity) of ingredients that commonly make their way into the golden half-moon: pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, and 19 different varieties of cheese, amongst other things, the risk of calorie overload is very significant. On the other hand, a calzone can easily accept nutritious vegetable ingredients into its warm, doughy embrace. This loaded calzone dish has something for everyone: sautéed greens and roasted peppers for the health-conscious, and bits of chicken sausage for the calorie-conscious.

Air Fryer Falafel

Falafel is a dish that everyone is familiar with and enjoys. It's the crispiest, tastiest nugget of absolute vegan bliss, finding the perfect mix of healthy fast food. Chickpeas, or legumes, are the main ingredient, and they're one of the best vegan protein sources globally. Like most air fryer recipes, Falafel is instantly healthier when air-fried rather than deep-fried in much oil. You can serve on top of a salad or over chopped veggies or fill it into a warm pita. Falafel pairs well with various sauces and dips, from creamy, cold tzatziki to a spicy harissa dressing and even Aioli!

Decadent French Toast Stuffed With Strawberries

What's better than stuffed French toast for someone who has a taste for sugar? This recipe tastes as rich as anything you'd get at a restaurant, yet it's only about 400 calories. In most regions, the stuffing technique transforms a few slices of thick bread and some fruit into a feast that contains more than half of your daily caloric allowance. When done right, stuffing can be a nutritious powerhouse, providing low-calorie protein, fibre, and all the energy-boosting elements found in fresh strawberries and honey. It's also easy to prepare.