Kiwi To Strawberry: What Is The Right Way To Consume These Foods?
Image Credit: Right Way To Consume Foods

We are always conscious about our food, and hence we try to serve nutritious, healthy food to our family members. But often, due to lack of information, we unknowingly eat some food items incorrectly (as we don't know how to eat them correctly). For example, you might not know the right way to eat food products like yoghurt, strawberries and kiwi. So today, we'll tell you what to take care of while eating these foods.


Whenever you set curd at home, you must have noticed that a watery liquid layer appeared on the frozen part. Often women use curd only after removing this water from it. However, it would be best not to do this because this water on top of the curd contains a high amount of protein and vitamin-12, which is very good for your health. Therefore, use it after mixing it with curd.


It is a vegetable that is used in everything from making salads to chutneys. But very few people know that the consumption of cooked tomatoes is best for our health. Do you know why? Eating cooked tomatoes gives us a good amount of nutrients like lycopene, reducing the risk of tumours and heart diseases. 


It is a fruit that contains nutrients like fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C, which are essential for our body. But do you know it is always beneficial to eat without cutting? Because after chopping, when exposed to oxygen, its nutrients are depleted very quickly. So it's better always to swallow it whole. 


It is a very beneficial fruit, and its peel contains a good amount of nutrients like vitamin E and fibre. But many of us eat kiwi by peeling it, whereas its peel has so many nutrients that you probably take in your one meal. Hence always consume this fruit with the peel. 


It contains an enzyme called allicin, which increases when exposed to air; therefore, garlic should be cut and left for about 10 minutes before use. This improves the quality of garlic and benefits your health.

In this way, by taking care of such small things, you can make your food more nutritious, benefiting your family members' health.