Fasting On Karwa Chauth? 6 Foods To Keep You Energized All Day
Image Credit: From mathri to phirni, there are options galore for your sargi feast this year!

Since my mother and grandmother do not observe the Karva Chauth fast, my understanding of this festival is based on all the soap operas and Bollywood movies I have watched as a kid. I remember the scene from a Bollywood classic where Kajol keeps a fast for Shahrukh Khan even while staying in a foreign land. That made me realize how important this fast is for the Hindus. After full moon, the fourth day is considered to be the auspicious day of the fast as per the Hindu calendar. 

After Navratri and Dussehra celebrations, people gear up for this nirjala vrat (without water), particularly the ladies. It is believed that wives keep this fast for their husband’s long life and health. While during Navratri, you are only asked to refrain from grains and cereals, Karva Chauth requires you to stay away from food and water the entire day. The fast begins after sunrise and continues till the moon shines brightly in the sky. 

However, before sunrise, there is a tradition of eating sargi. Sargi refers to the food that is eaten before the fast begins so that it keeps you energetic all day long. This is usually served by the mother-in-law along with a few gifts. Since that is the only time you get to eat and you have to survive the rest of the day without food and water, it is important that you consume the most energy-giving foods during this meal. 

Here are some dishes that will keep your energies high till it is time to break the fast. 

1.  Mathri 

The deep-fried Mathri is a great snack option for early morning. A simple combination of maida and salt, this crispy snack is tasty and filling at the same time. Have it with a cup of tea and it will satiate your hunger for long. 

2.  Kalakand 

Milk-based sweets are quite a hit during sargi. Milk is considered to be a wholesome meal in itself. Add to that a dessert and it will be a win-win situation for your taste buds and energy. One such sweet is Kalakand which keeps you full for longer. 

3.  Feniya 

Another milk dessert that is a usual suspect in Punjabi households during Karwa Chauth is feniya. Cooked along with milk and saffron strands, the aromatic dessert is served chilled or hot with crushed dry fruits. 

4.  Paratha 

A stuffed paratha or two is likely to keep you full for a longer period of time. You can have aloo paratha or even a simple and light subzi with a chapatti would suffice. Carbohydrates provide you with that extra boost of energy so that you can function throughout the day. 

5.  Phirni 

Sweets form an important part of the sargi meal. While phirni might appear to be similar to kheer at first, the texture and flavour is quite different. It is thicker than kheer and creamier, although the ingredients used for making both of them are the same i.e. milk, rice, sugar and dry fruits. 

6.  Fresh Fruits 

Fruits and dry fruits are well-known for their wholesome and filling properties. This fresh fruits recipe is a combination of fruits and sprouts and a bowl of this will keep you satiated for long. 

This Karva Chauth, the vrat might not seem that difficult if you relish a wholesome sargi in the morning.