Eid Special: 7 Savouries To Serve At Your Milad-Un-Nabi Feast Today
Image Credit: From kofte to chaap, there are several savoury dishes that you can gorge on today.

Just when we thought that festivities had come to a halt after the grand celebration for Navratri and Dussehra, Eid knocked on our doors. Celebrated as the birthday of Islamic Prophet, Hazrat Mohammed Saheb, this day is very special for all the Sunni and Shia Muslims. According to the Islamic calendar, the third month, which is called Rabi-al-awwal, commemorates the birth of the founder of Islam. Although this day differs slightly in comparison to other Eid celebrations, yet food is not compromised on even on this day. 

Legend has it that the Prophet was an ardent lover of dates and honey and the feast prepared on this day comprises of desserts like aseeda and sheer khurma made from his favourite ingredients. Apart from desserts which are quite an important part of Indian festivities, there are some feisty savouries that cannot be neglected too. 

Here are seven savoury dishes that you can prepare for your Eid feast today. 

1.  Shammi Kebab 

Beginning the feast without starters? Doesn’t seem fair to us. Take some minced beef and add some spices and lentils to bind the whole mixture. Flatten it into circular kebabs and fry them in a pan. Your appetizing appetisers are ready to be served with mint chutney. 

2.  Mutton Biryani 

Any Eid celebration seems incomplete without a plateful of piping hot rice infused with meaty flavours. This mutton biryani is surely going to be the star of your feast. You can make it into a spicy affair by adding loads of spices to it. The tender mutton pieces mixed with the long-grained rice are best eaten with a bowl of curd, especially raita. 

3.  Keema Matar 

Keema aka minced meat is not only a popular ingredient for kebabs and patties but also for a hearty main dish like keema matar. This semi-gravy dish is a flavourful combination of spicy minced meat with tiny pieces of peas, giving it an edge. It can be eaten with either naan or rice. 

4.  Peshawari Naan 

This special naan is a winner at Eid feasts because of its wholesome flavour and delectable filling. Stuffed with nuts, grated coconut and raisins, the fluffy naan dough is then rolled out thin and baked in the oven. Slather it with butter or ghee and enjoy. 

5.  Raan Mussallam 

Raan refers to the leg of the goat from which the meat is obtained. This is considered to be one of the most fleshy and rich areas of the goat and raan mussallam is prepared from this part. The mutton is cooked with bay leaves, yoghurt and ginger-garlic paste and peeled potatoes are added to it too. The richness of the mussallam owes itself to the mutton and the raisin garnish at the end. 

6.  Mutton Kofte 

Velvety spheres made of lamb are dunked in a thin gravy to be enjoyed with rice and naan alike. The mutton is minced to form these round balls which are shallow-fried and then added to the curry. 

7.  Mutton Chaap 

While soya chaap is quite popular among the vegetarian options, these mutton chaaps are no less of a delicacy too. The meat from the ribs is used to make these chaaps, which are then layered on skewers to be cooked on a grill or tandoor. 

By now, you would have established that mutton forms an important part of Eid feasts. This Milad-Un-Nabi, whip up some yummy savouries at home.