Eid-Al-Adha 2022: 5 Keema Recipes For A Memorable Feast
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Mutton Keema With Naan

To be celebrated on July 9 this year, Eid-al-Adha is popularly known as BakrId. Just like the highlight of Meethi Eid is sevaiyaan, this Eid boasts indulgent dum biryanis, keema and curries that are made with mutton or goat meat. Rich and delectable fare is prepared in Muslim households across India and family lunches are a common sight.

The day is definitely one of celebration and the entire family gets together to dig into scrumptious food and spend quality time with their families. One commonly-eaten meat is keema. Keema is nothing but minced meat that is spruced up in a variety of ways to be filled in a samosa or a hearty biryani. Here are some keema recipes that you can try on Eid-Al-Adha this year.

1.  Mutton Keema Biryani  

Any Eid celebration is incomplete without a pot full of biryani on the lunch table. While dum biryanis are a common affair in Muslim households on this day, this one takes the biryani one notch higher. Instead of adding chunks of mutton to the rice and cooking it by layering them, mutton keema is used as the meaty treat. The keema is cooked with spices like cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon, and cumin powder. The flavourful meat is then layered on the rice and topped with fried onions, cashews and saffron strands. 

2.  Keema Samosa

It isn’t always about luscious curries on Eid. Indulgent snacks like this keema samosa can surely fare well in the Eid feast. Samosa, for the unversed, is a crispy, deep-fried conical pastry that is usually stuffed with potatoes. However, this is a meaty samosa recipe that replaces the potatoes with a spicy keema filling that is juicy and flavourful. Once the samosas attain a golden-brown colour, they are taken out of hot oil and served with some coriander chutney.  

3.  Mutton Keema Masala

Also known as Mangshor keema, the minced meat is cooked in a spicy masala that lends the dish a flavourful taste. The keema is often cooked with vegetables like peas but sometimes, even potatoes are added to the mix too. Ideal for BakrId celebrations, this is a thick curry that is best eaten with naan. Add green chillies and spices while cooking the mutton keema so that it is a fiery treat on the special day.  

4.  Mutton Keema Goli

Another delectable treat that can be served as a starter when dry and made into a curry too, the mutton keema goli is perfect for BakrId. Keema golis are basically pakoras or fritters made of minced meat. After the keema has been minced and mixed with ground spices like haldi powder, jeera powder and dhania powder, the minced meat is rolled into balls. These are then dipped in egg and fried in hot oil. These can work as great appetisers for your feast.

5.  Dum Ka Keema

This is a rich and hearty preparation from the Hyderabadi cuisine. The keema is prepared by marinating the minced meat with spices like red chilli powder and ginger garlic paste. Raw papaya is added for tanginess and then the marinated meat is cooked in ghee, with fried onions and yoghurt. The thick gravy is a result of the addition of gram flour. This is then mixed together and the smoky and spicy keema is served with paratha and fried onions alongside mint chutney.  

Dig into a rich and meaty fare this Eid-Al-Adha with delectable keema recipes. While desserts are definitely important for any celebration, these hearty minced meat recipes will amp up your feast and impress your guests too.