Don't Miss These Delicacies From Ratan Raajputh’s Kitchen
Image Credit: Image credits: Ratanraajputh/Instagram

Actress Ratan Raajputh who rose to fame with her character of Laali in the hit television serial ‘Agle Jaman Mohe Bitiya ki Kijo’ has been an inspiration for us. This is because she is seen spending time in her village in Bihar and traveling to small villages across the country. She loves exploring the village lifestyle of different areas and she is fond of experimenting and making desi, healthy and authentic food.  

Even when the country was dealing with the pandemic and a strict lockdown was imposed, the actress had moved to her village in Bihar. With the limited resources, she not only cooked healthy traditional dishes but encouraged everyone for better health. Even now, she follows the same routine and comes up with some of the most desi but delicious delicacies that one can only find in villages. Many of us might not have even heard of such dishes. From desi pickles to authentic main course dishes, she has made it all, and let us agree, we are all very much inspired by her. Kudos to the actress!!

We have selected some of the desi dishes from the kitchen of actress Ratan Raajputh that you definitely cannot afford to miss. So, without wasting any further time, let us have a look at the list below.

Barabar Koocha Aachar

You might have had so many mango pickles but the one we are talking about is something you must try. Made up of raw mangoes also known as tikola or kachi ambi or kairi. Now, barabar koocha aachar is quite famous in Bihar. It is called barabar because the ingredients are used in equal quantities. It is a pickle where all ingredients are used to form a mashed pickle. This tasteful blend has spices like mustard, cumin, coriander, red chili powder, fenugreek, fennel, ajwain, turmeric, salt, and oil. One has to mash this pickle properly with hands and keep it in sunlight for 5 to 6 days. You can have it with roti, rice, anything. Do try it.

Wonder Laddoo

If you follow actress Ratan Raajputh on social media, you must know how particular she is about having a healthy diet. After her mother was reported with a deficiency of calcium and iron, she came up with amazingly healthy ladoos made up of ragi. To begin with, she mixed ragi flour with a lot of ghee as it promotes good digestion. She added grated coconut and powdered roasted nuts. With the jaggery water, she combined the ladoos when they were hot and gave us ultimate wonder ladoos. Make sure you don’t have too many ragi ladoos in a day.

Khaate Ka Saag

This dish is not from Bihar but is a famous delicacy from Haryana. It is actually a type of kadhi. She used whisked curd (preferably sour one), spinach, garlic, grams, green chili, salt, wheat flour, besan, and red chili powder. This khaate ka saag is a concoction of kadhi with a touch of spinach and gram. Since it has all the nutritional ingredients, this dish is very delicious and unique. It is special because it is totally oil-free. Waooo!!!

Sattu Ka Muthla

Sattu ka muthla is Satuani special dessert of Bihar. Satuani is celebrated in Bihar to mark the arrival of summer. We all know sattu is a staple ingredient in Bihar and is used in almost every dish and even used in drinks. It is packed with vitamins and is known for maintaining body temperature.  To make sattu ka muthla, sattu flour is kneaded with ghee and water. Kneading sattu flour is an art as it has to be done properly. After the flour is kneaded, one has to grab small portions of the dough using fist, and it’s ready.

Imli chutney  

Imli ki chutney or tamarind chutney is something not everybody knows how to make. We generally have green chutney and imli chutney on chaats and alike dishes. Imli ki chutney is a delicious and tasteful blend of spices and goes well with jawar roti, wheat roti, or anything you like. It has spices like hing, red chili, sonth, cumin, salt, black salt, jaggery, soaked tamarind, and water. Tamarind chutney can stay for a long time and is also good to carry while traveling.  

Without any doubt, we can say that Ratan Raajputh is a great cook and these are some of the most delicious recipes from her kitchen. Try these recipes and let us know which one you loved the most.!!