Weight loss is one goal that many people across the world are hoping to achieve, and are striving for it each day. From changing their diets to ingredients at home, lifestyle and even timing each meal, people are doing their every bit to ensure they get to their desired weight as soon as possible. 

After all it is not an easy feat, and dietitians and nutritionists often suggest choosing the right kind of foods for every meal and every snack so that your weight loss journey gets a boost. And there is no dearth of information about weight loss on the internet, yet it is important to consult an expert before switching to any major changes in diet or lifestyle. 

And that is what a Reddit user did recently. However, the doctor's long list of foods prohibited on a weight loss diet was just too funny to even focus on weight loss. The list went viral on Reddit. The long list had a variety of foods that made sense to be avoided; but others just seemed to be unnecessary. Take a look:


In the picture, we could see a ridiculously long list of foods under the heading ‘Diet to be followed’. Red meats such as beef, steak and pork were prohibited on the list, so were fish and other seafood items. Even vegetables such as brinjal, lettuce, cucumber, corn products, stale rice and potatoes were prohibited by the doctor. The weight loss diet also prescribed avoiding cold drinks, food that was stored in the refrigerator or heated in the microwave. Well, it definitely is bizarre! 

The post was shared by u/Ammar0301 in the sub-Reddit r/mildlyinfuriating. “Doctor gave a list of things not to eat to lose weight/maintain good health. It gets worse as the list progresses,” wrote the user in his post. The picture of the list of foods to avoid for weight loss immediately went viral on Reddit, garnering over 60k upvotes and 11.8k comments at the time of writing. 

Reddit users were appalled at this post to say the least, and poured it all in the comments. “This list looks like either Ayurvedic diet and/or IBS/Crohn’s diet recommendations,” wrote one user, while another user hilariously said, “Can’t have cold water, you warm that up first or you’ll get fat!” Take a look at other hilarious reactions:p;

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