Burger Without A Bun? This Reddit Picture Has Created A Humorous Discourse Among Netizens
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of viral thread/Reddit

Just like a pizza without a pizza base doesn’t make sense to us, a burger without a bun is incomplete. Personally, I love eating burgers. Right from the juicy patty in the centre of the burger to the crunchy vegetables and creamy sauce slathered on top, there is hardly anything about this popular American dish. Interestingly, burgers aren’t really American in origin although the long-term belief has been just that. The concept of this dish was laid down in ancient Rome in the 1st century when meat was tenderised and eaten. Though the idea of using a bun came much later, it’s the way we know it today and there is no looking back.  

From hamburgers to chicken and vegetarian burgers, all the kinds that we’ve tasted to date have one common component, the bun. The bun forms the most important part of the burger that holds the rest of the ingredients together. You’ll find a variety of burger buns today, simple plain ones, multi-grain buns, hand-tossed buns, black sesame buns and many more. The kind of bun you use instantly enhances the overall taste of the burger. Recently, something happened on the Internet that started a humorous conversation.  

A Reddit user, who goes by the name u/SassyPerere, took to his Reddit handle and posted a picture of a burger on the sub-reddit r/Stupid Food. The image showed a meat patty with a slice of cheese on top on one side of the plate and some vegetables placed on the other end. The surroundings suggest that the picture was clicked at a restaurant setting. The image is captioned, “Stupid hamburger serving at a supposed sophisticated restaurant.” The intention seems to be that of mockery as below the caption it reads as Pretentious AF.  

         Source: Sassy Perere/Reddit

The items on the plate indicate that the customer ordered for a burger, possibly a hamburger and was served this. The fact that the burger was disassembled and there was no sign of burger buns amused the netizens. Some users tried to figure out the name of the restaurant by the text printed on the plate, suggesting that it could be Madero, a popular burger restaurant in Brazil. Some others thought that this was a special order that was made on request.  

Whether they do serve burgers like this or not is something we can’t be sure about, however, we can surely guarantee one thing, lip-smacking burger recipes. Here are some juicy and meaty burgers that you can make at home and don’t worry, we won’t take away the bun from you. 

1.   Ahi Tuna Burgers  

These are a special burger variety that is popular in Hawaii. The ahi-tuna is the highlight of the dish, wherein the fish is seared with a lot of care. The layering of pineapples to the burger gives it a slight punch like no other. Then you have the regulars like lettuce, scallions, egg and some sauces like mustard and soy. 

2.   Caramelised French Onion Dip Burger  

The hints of sweet, caramelised onions blended into a dip is the specialty of this burger. Bacon and mushrooms are sautéed and layered on the bun and the French onion dip adds a creaminess to the whole burger which is oh so good. The chunky bacon patty pairs perfectly well with the sweet and soft onion dip. 

3.   Chickpea Burger  

A delightful recipe for the vegetarians, this chickpea burger is all things crunchy and tasty. The use of a curried sauce made from yoghurt lends the burger creaminess while garlic, cumin and cilantro give it a spicy kick. The crispy chickpea patty makes for an amazing binding agent tossed in eggs to make it thicker. 

4.   Asian Turkey Burgers  

Hand-pounded turkey makes for a great protein for the burger. Along with a spicy mixture of turkey, cilantro, ginger and garlic, a tangy sriracha lime yoghurt sauce is spread on the buns which complement the meaty taste of the turkey pretty well.  

5.   Grilled Burger  

This one is for all the crispy and grill lovers. The burger patty is replaced with a juicy and tender Chicago steak that is the main part of the burger. Worcestershire sauce and ground beef are added to the burger and the burger is grilled to perfection.