Mumbai's T2 Arrival Has A New Vada Pav Outlet? Read To Know More

Shree Dutta Snacks, the iconic restaurant for travellers on-the-go is now open at Terminal 2 Arrivals in Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. The restaurant, located on the Pune-Mumbai Western Express Highway, is a favourite pitstop for those heading to Mumbai by road to stop for a quick vada pav and a cup of chai.

On a road trip to Mumbai, you will spot Shree Dutta soon after crossing the Lonavla ghat, easily recognisable because of the huge crowds thronging the long self-service rows inside the restaurant. While this simple snack joint has been around for over three decades, it has become a much-sought after rest stop following the development of the western expressway that has eased the Pune-Mumbai journey for many road trippers.

The restaurant has endured as a spot to have breakfast or a quick snack as much for its location as for the variety of Maharashtrian dishes it offers. The star number of course is the vada pav, the potato fritter stuffed in a sumptuous bread, accompanied by a delicious garlic chutney and some fried chillies. Other delicacies at 'Dutta,' as it is often referred to by the seasoned traveller, are sabudana khichdi, pohe, misal-pav and thalipeeth. 

Even as these are among some popular Maharastrian snack delights, Dutta also stands out for serving an incredibly mouthwatering plate of kothimbir wadi, the flat, crispy dish made from corriander and besan flour that is served with a delicious groundnut chutney. Washed down with a steaming cup of chai or a cooling chaas, snacks at Datta are absolute must-haves while travelling to Mumbai.

Over time, this modest restaurant with its tokens and self-service counters has acquired immense fame for serving good food at economical prices. It has outlets across multiple highways including the Mumbai-Nashik Highway, Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway as well as in Panvel and Goregaon. The new Shree Dutta kiosk that has opened up at T2 arrivals might offer a slightly different experience than having a vada pav on the side of the highway but it will definitely accord the same taste and comfort of simple Maharashtrian food to the weary traveller.

Next time you find yourself exiting from Mumbai's Terminal 2, be sure to stop at Dutta and grab a vada pav before making your way into the city. Tell us in the comments below about your experience at Shree Dutta and whether you like the kothimbir wadi over the vada pav!