Discover Maharashtra's Flavorful Gems: Unusual Recipes To Try
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Several vegetables are readily available in the vegetable market, whether it is summer or winter. Every vegetable has a unique flavour and offers a number of health advantages. Every state in India has its own recipes for various vegetables. Today, let’s explore the Maharashtrian cuisine that serves us several recipes for the variety of vegetables available in the market.

Marathi cuisine can be divided into two major groups, namely Konkan, from the coastal areas that have influences from the Goan, Saraswat, Gaud, and Malvani regions, and Varadi, from the Vidarbha regions. More interestingly, Maharashtrian food plays with desi masalas. Moreover, if one travels across the state, there is a significant change in flavours and the prominence of local ingredients.

It can be a pleasant change for you to explore uncommon recipes from Marathi cuisine. Take a look at some:

1. Gajarache Lonche: It is a famous Maharashtrian pickle that is mainly consumed in the winter season. Although pickles are mainly eaten during the summer, this pickle is made in the winter due to the availability of carrots. Gajarache Loncha is spicy and has the crunchy taste of carrot.

2. Kakdichi Koshimbir: A refreshing cucumber salad that has a distinctive flavour when tadka is added to it. Kakdichi Koshimbir has a crunchy flavour owing to grated coconut and roasted crushed peanuts. This Marathi dish is almost always made in the summertime in every household.

3. Gajarache Koshimbir: It is a carrot salad recipe made in Marathi style. It is a unique recipe where the carrots are tossed in freshly grated coconut and tempered with mustard seeds. Gajarache Koshimbir is one of the side dishes widely served along with meals.

4. Gajar Vadi: Vadi is a popular Maharashtrian snack made with gram flour, wheat flour, and spices. In Gajar Vadi, carrots are added to make them healthier. It is the perfect recipe for a kid’s snack box. It can also be served as a snack during tea time.

5. Spinach Thalipeeth: A wonderful breakfast recipe that has the benefits of spinach leaves mixed with whole wheat flour, rice flour, and gram flour. It is made into a thin flatbread, which is known as thalipeeth. It is cooked on the tawa until lightly crisp.