10 Best Vada Pav Places In Mumbai As Recommended By City Foodies
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What is a Vada Pao if not a layered and complex being? An outer clothing of pav, a coating of protective batter and a soft and malleable potato core. What you choose to put into each facet determines what it becomes - its personality - if you will. In Mumbai, Vada Pav embodies that idea and becomes a reflection of the area’s identity. Every street has its alliance and every neighbourhood has an unshakable bond with its vada pav-walla that would make even the most devout question their faith. 

Mumbai’s past and its food are intertwined. The humble Vada Pav holds a profound meaning that resonates with the city's vibrant history. A small yet mighty delight, it embodies the spirit of bustling streets and the dreams of hardworking people. With a soft ladi pav cradling a spicy potato patty, sprinkled with fiery chutney and served with a side of green chilli, vada pav symbolises the fusion of flavours that define this cosmopolitan city. 

Introduced in the 1960s by a street vendor named Ashok Vaidya, this snack quickly became a beloved staple among Mumbaikars. Its affordability, convenience, and tantalising taste made it a go-to choice for students, workers, and everyone seeking a quick, satisfying meal. Over time, vada pav became more than just a snack; it became an emblem of resilience, entrepreneurship, and the indomitable spirit of Mumbai, making it an essential part of ‘Aamchi Mumbai’.

Slurrp caught up with Mumbai’s foodies who gave us the inside scoop on the best Vada Pav places in Mumbai. Read on to find your next favourite spot. 

1. Anand Vada Pav, Vile Parle; Recommended by Adarsh Munjal (@thebigbhookad)

We used to make weekly or bi-weekly trips from our home in SoBo (South Bombay) to Dadar for Ashok so that taste for me is like ‘nostalgia pro max’!” admits Adarsh, “But while I was in college at Jai Hind, my band took me to other colleges and that’s how I found Anand”. This spot outside Mithibai College and a stone's throw from Dhiraj Vada Pav (another iconic institution), is always thronged by students but draws customers from all over the city. Unlike most vadas their potato filling is noticeably white, instead of the turmeric yellow you might expect. “My mum didn’t like it,” he jokes, “she is more of a five mirchi spice lover. But for me and my dad, their white vadas are perfect.”

Must Try: Butter Vade Pav

Price for Two: Rs 100 - 150 for two people (approx) 

Address: Gulmohar Road No. 1, Opp. Mithibai College, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056

2. Aram Vada Pav, Fort; Recommended by Jeevika Sharma (@the_gastronomic_guide_)

Another iconic institution near Capital Cinema, this South Bombay vada pav destination has been satisfying customers for over 70 years. “This place is quite known because of the distinctive taste of their vada pav and the chutney.” says Sharma, “The chutney here has a different flavour to it making it delectable and different from what is being served at other places. I make sure to have it from here wherever I am at or near CST”

Must Try: Batata Vada, Butter Vada Pav

Price for Two: Rs 200 for two people (approx) 

Address: Capital Cinema Building, 126, Dr Dadabhai Naoroji Rd, Azad Maidan, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

3. Ashok Vada Pav (a.k.a Kirti College Vada Pav), Dadar; Recommended by Sameer Bawa (@spiceitupwithsam)

When it comes to Mumbai Vada Pav, it doesn’t get more original than Ashok, the spot where it all began. The legendary stall has been the haunt for all walks of life since the day it opened in 1966 and, rarely, you’d ever see it empty. “My favourite is Ashok vada pav and it’s a favourite by a country mile!” says Sameer, “The quality of chutneys, the choora that they add for the crunch and most of all the consistency. No wonder people have to queue up to get their hands around ‘em!”

Must Try: Vade Pav and Chura Pav

Price for Two: Rs 50-100 for two people (approx) 

Address: Kashinath Dhuru Marg, Dadar West, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

4. Bhau Vada Pav, Mulund; Recommended by Jeevika Sharma (@the_gastronomic_guide_)

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, the garlic and coconut chutney at Bhau Vada Pav has made it a favourite in the area. “Whenever I am nearby I never miss out on having vada pav from this place,” says Sharma, “Here the speciality is that they will serve hot and freshly made vada pav be it any time of the day. They make a batch every hour which keeps the vada fresh, hot and crispy, also the size is bigger than the usual vada pav which makes it more filling.”

Must Try: Vade Pav with chutney

Price for Two: Rs 150 for two people (approx) 

Address: Shop Number 1, Patil Bhavan, NS Rd, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080

5. DJ Vada Pav, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai; Recommended by Richa Tiwari (@savorytales)

Venturing into Navi Mumbai, many local gems are waiting to be sampled and DJ Vada Pav should be high on your list. “They started selling Vada Pav on a food truck which quickly attracted lots of customers because of its location and taste,” says Tiwari, “Spicy, Crunchy Vadas served with their special Chutney, fried chillies. It’s lip-smacking delicious. They now have a permanent outlet opposite Jalvayu Vihar and have added a few more items to their menu. But their Vada Pav remains the top-selling item.”

Must Try: Vada Pav and Aloo Vada

Price for Two: Rs 100 for two people (approx) 

Address: Soham Exotica, Shop no.5 plot no.69, Navjeevan Ln, Turbhe Store, Sector 21, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210

6. Kunj Vihar Vada Pav, Thane West; Recommended by Adarsh Munjal (@thebigbhookad)

Think Vada Pav means a small snack? Think again. The mighty creations at Kunj Vihar are known for their hefty size and are all the more popular for them. Founded in 1958 with their Thane outlet, they later expanded to more locations across the city. “I used to visit their outlet in Bandra West back in 2012,” says Munjal, “their vada pavs were huge, six inches at least, they looked more like subs! And they used to give four or five unlimited chutney options which made it a more unconventional choice.”

Must Try: Jumbo Vada Pav

Price for Two: Rs 100 for two people (approx) 

Address: Prabhavati Bhawan, Opposite Ashok Talkies, Jambli Naka, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400601

7. Mangesh Vada Pav, Borivali West; Recommended by Nikhita Kini (@nikhitakini)

This spot in Babhai Naka is legendary to people in the area and has a loyal following among those who live in Borivali and is known for its unfaltering quality. “He's definitely not a ‘hidden gem’,” says Kini, “But I think he's most definitely not as much in the limelight as he should be, especially with those who live outside of Borivali. He's been around for eons. So it's a generational thing. I've known that place since I moved to Mumbai, which was around 25 years ago and taste-wise, I find no change and I find that phenomenal. Over the years, the owner had every opportunity to expand but he hasn't. He still runs a tiny stall. (And has become supremely wealthy from this 1 gaadi, of course) But my best guess for his success would be the fact that he's been consistent. Also, no Vada is cold. Every single Vada batch that comes is sold in 5 mins of it touching the gaadi.”

Must Try: Vada Pav 

Price for Two: Rs. 28 per piece, Rs 100 for two people (approx) 

Address: Bhabhai Naka, Vasantrao Chogale Road, Borivali West, Mumbai 400092

8. Postman Vada Pav, Parel; Recommended by Kurush Dalal (@kurushdalal)

It’s in the by-lanes of Mumbai that you truly find its heart and Kurush Dalal’s unique favourite is proof. “This nameless stall is in the Haffkine Institute lane and he’s only there for 3 or 4 hours every evening,” Dalal explains, “There’s no real signs, but you follow the grey cement-lined road, to a little grey building and opposite you’ll see people lined up like good children every evening for Postman Vada Pav!” The elusive spot is run by a notoriously cantankerous proprietor and gets its nickname from the old Postman Oil. “The place was run by his mother before this fellow took over, and she only used premium Postman Oil to fry her food, which is how the name stuck. It was a little more expensive, but the vadas, samosas and bhajias are out of this world.”

Must Try: Vada Pav and Bhajias 

Price for Two: Rs 200 for two people (approx) 

Address: 2R2V+WJ4, 40/W, Acharya Dhonde Marg, Parel Village, Parmanand Wadi, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012

9. Tent Vada Pav (near Kanheri Caves), Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East, Recommended by Sanjana Das (@bengaligirl.tries)

If you like your vadas with a side of adventure, Sanjana’s spot should be your go-to. Located inside the scenic beauty of Borivali’s national park, this is a meal with a view. “It’s a super underrated and lesser-known spot! It’s the tent canteen and they sell vada pav, at its true essence: perfectly spiced and sized vadas which are crispy from the outside paired with ladi pav and red dry chutney,” she says, “No butter or sauces, none of that whacky out place condiments to go with it. Just some good vada pav in its authentic form. Also means a lot to me because of the location. It’s nestled amid nature and peace. As I stay nearby, I often go there for walks on the weekend. And then take a break at the canteen by eating vada pav.”

Must Try: Vade Pav (with no frills attached!)

Price for Two: Rs 100 for two people (approx) 

Address: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066

10. Vitthal Wade Wale (a.k.a Bhatti Wade Wale), Sewri; Recommended by Kurush Dalal (@kurushdalal)

If you’re on the lookout for something a bit more theatrical, Dalal recommends this spot near Sewri which is Mumbai’s only wood-fire vada pav. “My favourite haunts were the spots outside the Central Telegraph Office (CTO) and a guy outside St. Xavier’s college who shut in the 90s but was beloved because he used to give everyone extra ‘bhujia’”. The spot en route to Sewri Fort has been gaining notoriety for cooking on a wood-fired stove and producing uniquely charred vadas. Though today it’s a novelty, Dalal explains that the reason is a little more straightforward. “The vada pavs are good, maybe not the best, but it’s the wood fire that makes it unique,” he says, “It’s become his selling point, but it began because in the past gas cylinders were hard to come by further out from the city, and this was just the most efficient way to cook!”

Must Try: Bhatte Vade

Price for Two: Rs 50-100 for two people (approx) 

Address: Near Sewri rail crossing

(Please note: Recommendations appear in alphabetical order)