Popular Snacks From Maharashtra We Can’t Unlove

Maharashtra is just not famous for Bollywood but for its amazing food. From scrumptious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, there are so many dishes that have been ruling our hearts. But have you ever wondered how Maharashtrian snacks taste like? Just like Maharashtrian main course dishes, its snacks are equally delicious and flavourful. The snacks in Maharashtra are known for their spice content. So, without letting you wait anymore, let’s know about some drool-worthy Maharashtrian snacks! 


Shankarpali is a snack quite popular in Maharashtra. Also popular in other states like Punjab, Gujarat, and West Bengal, this snack is made up of ghee, semolina, maida, and milk. This snack could be sour, sweet, and salty and could be a perfect tea-time snack. This snack could be stored for a long time and is also eaten during festivities. 

Kothimbir Vadi 

If you have ever been to Pune, you know what we are talking about. ‘Kothimbir’ in Marathi means ‘coriander’ and thus, this snack is made of coriander. This evening snack is delicious and enjoyed with tea and coffee. Made with gram flour, coriander leaves, and sesame seeds, it is steamed, sliced, and fried into a delicious snack.  


This multi-grain pancake is something that you should not miss. Made up of roasted, coriander seeds, rice, cumin, and wheat, this Indian pancake has several vegetables. Onions are a must in this pancake which is topped with ghee and curd. Tried this snack yet?? 

Sabudanyachi Khichdi  

Popularly known as Sabudana khichdi, this snack is not just fondly eaten in Maharashtra but in many parts of the country. Sabudana or tapioca is soaked overnight and then cooked with diced potatoes, spices, and crushed potatoes. When topped with fresh coriander leaves, sabudana khichdi can show you a really good time.  


Chiwda is the most popular and handy snack from Maharashtra. For this, chiwda or poha is a deep-fried puffed rice roasted with peanuts, curry leaves, green chilies, and things. This snack is so delicious that you will not be able to stop yourself from having more than one bite.  

What say? Aren’t these snacks amazing? Do them a try and let us know which one is your favourite!