What do you feel when you hear the word tamarind? The tongue must have a feeling of sourness, and the heart might want to devour something sour. So tamarind is added in most South Indian recipes, and at the same time, it's used in almost every North Indian chutney. Don't you feel that some of our foods seem incomplete without tamarind? Entirely believable, as today, we will share some of those recipes with you, which cannot be made without tamarind. So let's know about those flavours settled in every corner of India, which are unidentified without tamarind.

Bitter Gourd Paratha

Parathe Wali Gali of Delhi is famous for numerous parathas, but are you aware of their bitter gourd paratha? This is quite favoured in this street and is made by adding tamarind. First, bitter gourd is marinated in tamarind water to reduce its bitterness. Then the stuffing for the parathas is prepared by adding onions and spices. Tamarind and fennel give a wonderful aroma and taste to this stuffing.

Tamarind Rice

Are you only aware of idli and dosa in south Indian recipes? Then there's a lot to go beyond it, such as tamarind rice, which is very much liked in South India. Tamarind rice is served with raita, papad and is a favourite dish for office goers, do you know why? It is the perfect lunch recipe for those who do not have time to prepare several food items.

Sour-Sweet Chutney (Date And Tamarind)

Sweet-sour chutney of dates and tamarind is often served with breakfast and is a part of almost every type of chaat. It is usually made at home with tamarind, dates, jaggery, coriander powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder, and salt. In many homes, the tempering of sesame, ginger and garlic is also applied to this chutney.


Amalana is a delicious Rajasthani drink made from tamarind pulp. Moreover, spicy black pepper, cardamom, and black salt are added to make this beverage. Further, it is garnished with mint and served chilled. This drink mixed with the sourness of tamarind can freshen up your mood anywhere and anytime.

Hyderabadi Veg Dalcha

Dalcha, a dish made from four pulses, means cooking any ingredient until completely dissolved. As per the name, all the lentils are entirely mashed in this recipe. Apart from pulses, pumpkin, tamarind, garlic, and green chillies are added, making it tasty. Dalcha is the perfect combination of sour and spicy.


In South India, Rasam and rice are a staple in every household. Rasam is tamarind water cooked with lots of spices. Do you know that rasam consumption after meals is quite a custom in South India? You can also call rasam the tamarind soup as it is full of sourness and good for digestion.

Brinjal And Cabbage Kofta Curry

The fantastic thing about this recipe is that its gravy and koftas are very different and is made with cabbage and brinjal. At the same time, its gravy is made from tamarind water and dry spices, which can be enjoyed by pouring cream over this recipe.

If you also like sour food, try any of these dishes above. Keep reading Slurrp to get more such information on recipes.