5 Reasons Why You Must Have Ghee On An Empty Stomach

Every Indian household has a steel jar containing fresh ghee used every day on chapatis, drizzled over hot cooked meals and used in ‘dadi-nani nuskhas’. Ghee is considered a healthy fat and it has the potential to enhance small intestine’s absorption capacity. It also decreases the acidic pH of the gastrointestinal tract. Ghee made up of cow’s milk contains antioxidants that eliminate free radicals and inhibits the oxidation process. Did you know that having ghee on an empty stomach can actually do wonders for the body? 

According to Ayurvedic studies, having a spoonful of ghee on an empty stomach in the morning acts as a nutrition for every single cell in the body. Ghee helps in the cell rejuvenation process and healing process in the body. Moreover, it also helps in weight loss. But moderation is extremely important. Let us know about 5 reasons why you must have ghee on an empty stomach. 

Video credits: The Yoga Institute/YouTube

Supports Digestion 

As per studies, ghee helps in stimulating the production of stomach acid and smoothens the digestion process. When consumed on an empty stomach early morning, it can fix stool and can also help in getting rid of issues like constipation and others. Ghee contains butyric acid. So, when consumed with warm water on an empty stomach, it becomes a perfect remedy for digestive issues. 

Works As An Immunity Booster 

Ghee is known to be a concentrated source of healthy fats as well as calories. It has the potential to boost energy levels and kickstart the day. Ghee, because of its antioxidants, strengthens the immune system and helps in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. It also supports gut health. 

Prevents Joint Pains 

Consumption of ghee on an empty stomach helps in getting rid of joint pains. Because of its omega-3 fatty acid content, ghee reduces inflammation. Besides, ghee is also rich in calcium and fulfils calcium requirement in the body. It has lubricating properties too. 

Good For Skin 

Ghee contains calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, E, D and K along with healthy fats. Because of its ample nutrients, ghee can provide the right hydration to the skin and keep it moisturized. Consumption of ghee on an empty stomach can also help in reducing wrinkles and pimples. 

Improves Brain Functioning 

Ghee contains a large amount of fat which keeps the brain nourished and hydrated. It supports the cells in cognitive functions. Ghee also contains vitamin E which battles against several disorders. So, consume ghee on an empty stomach and see the magic.