How To Extract Homemade Ghee From Milk Cream?
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Whether it is rajma, chole, paneer or mixed veg, every recipe gets its real taste with a spoonful of ghee in it. On the other hand, ghee also tastes excellent in missi roti, parathas, laddus and many other sweet dishes. Ghee, which gives both taste and health, is beneficial for the body in many ways. Desi ghee is rich in antioxidants, and its regular consumption keeps the immunity strong providing enough energy. It is generally believed that ghee is heavy for the body, but on the contrary, it is easily digested by the body. Do you know that ghee being low on cholesterol is perfect for the heart and the brain? 

The Purity Of Ghee Is Important

The benefits of ghee can be found in the true sense only when the ghee is pure. Therefore, the purity of ghee available in the market need to be tested. From checking their labels to trying them, it can be ascertained that it does not contain any harmful ingredients. Many people prefer to extract ghee at home to maintain its purity, and for this, they take out the cream from the milk daily.

How To Make Ghee Out Of Milk Cream At Home? 

People are very conscious about extracting ghee and keeping it in the fridge. You must have seen your mother or grandmother carefully separating the cream from the milk, and after the vessel is full, they take out the cream from it, heat it in a pan, and work to extract the ghee. However, the difficulty in extracting ghee is that sometimes the cream does not produce the ghee as expected. Are you facing the same problem while making ghee? Then you must add flour. When the cream is kept in the pan to heat, add two spoons of wheat flour. This will ultimately separate the ghee from the cream helping you filter it quickly. For this, after adding the flour while melting the cream, keep stirring it for a while. After the cream boils well for some time, ghee will be seen separating from the mixture. 

How To Make Tasty Laddus With Leftover Khurchan?

After you sieve the ghee from this mixture, the remaining ingredients can be used as a sweet dish. All you have to do for this is to add some water and sugar according to the quantity. This mixture looks as tasty as flour pudding. Now all you need is to make round balls, and your khurchan laddu is ready.