Desi Kulchas For Breakfast: Kaladi, Amritsari, And More
Image Credit: Kulchas for breakfast

For the uninitiated, a kulcha is a moderately leavened flatbread that is popularly consumed in numerous regions of north India. Take Amristar, for instance. Did you know that Amritsar is also known as the "land of kulchas"? This is because it is home to a variety of them, including aloo, paneer, matar, etc. And these kulchas are often paired with side dishes like chole.

However, it isn’t just Amritsar that loves the idea of a kulcha for breakfast. Even states like Jammu are quite fascinated with this flatbread and tend to make several varieties of it for their morning meals. If all of this kulcha talk has piqued your interest, here are some divine recipes for you.

1.    Amritsari Tandoori Kulcha  

This classic Punjabi bread is made with a combination of wheat and all-purpose flour. Once the dough is kneaded well, it is stuffed with boiled potatoes. The mixture is amplified by mango powder, red chilli powder, salt, coriander leaves, and more. This is then rolled out and placed in a tandoor to cook until it gets crispy hot. Serve with sliced onions alongside the chole and a blob of butter.

2.   Kaladi Kulcha  

Did you know about this kulcha yet? It looks like you haven’t discovered the street food scene of Jammu, because if you had, the kaladi kulcha would have been at the top of your list. Kaladi, for the uninitiated, is a type of dense cheese that is made from cow’s or buffalo’s milk and is salted before being stuffed inside roasted kulchas. Paired with chutney, the heavenly taste wouldn’t let you stop after the first bite.

3.   Bheega Kulcha  

This "bheega kulcha" is another Amristari speciality that hounds the streets day in and day out. Slightly offbeat, this kulcha is made with maida, yeast, and curd and dipped in chickpea gravy. Once the kulcha moistens and soaks up the gravy, it is then kept on a plate, covered with more chickpea gravy and chutney, and garnished with onions before serving hot.

4.   Matar Kulcha  

If you've been to Delhi, you won't have missed the street carts selling this delectable combination in every nook and cranny of the city. Consisting of soft and round kulchas topped with a bowl of spicy matar mixture, this breakfast dish is a must-have. The white peas are tossed in spices, chopped onions, and tomatoes to get a masaledaar mix that goes well with the kulchas.

5.   Nutri Kulcha  

This is a delicious spin on kulchas for all who fancy soya, with the kulchas paired with flavorful soya chunks. This is a well-liked Punjabi breakfast combo, wherein the soya chunks are cooked with tomatoes and onions and tossed in a host of spices. A relatively dry yet delicious combination, this treat is a must-have when in Punjab.