Cooking With Electric Kettle? Recipes To Make Hostel Life Easier
Image Credit: Boiled eggs can be made in an electric kettle.

Those who have experienced hostel life, they are very well-aware of the daily struggles to get a proper meal in a short amount of time. The rush to get to college and the lethargy after coming back makes it difficult to indulge in the elaborate process of cooking roti, sabzi and dal. Plus, you may not have access to a kitchen too at all times. In such a case, the electric kettle comes to your rescue. 

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How, you ask? Well, the electric kettle can do much more than just boil water. Moreover, when you’re living the hostel life, you tend to learn ways and hacks to working with whatever is available. Did you know that not just maggi, but you can make poha, soup, hot chocolate and much more in this kitchen appliance? Here are some easy electric kettle recipes that you can swear by. 

1.  Hot Chocolate 

Since the winter season is in full swing, you might crave a cup of hot chocolate late at night while studying. Instead of sneaking it in from outside, you can simply make it in your electric kettle. All you need to do is add the milk, cocoa powder, sugar and chocolate in it and let it boil. Once it comes to a boil, your thick and delicious hot chocolate is ready. 

2.  Vegetable Soup 

Who can say no to a hot bowl of soup on a chilly winter night? This comforting recipe can be easily made in an electric kettle by combining all your favourite seasonal veggies and boiling them in water. To this, you can add some flavourings and seasonings too. Once it comes to a boil, stir it for some time and then pour it into your bowl or mug and enjoy. Top it with some croutons if you like. 

3.  Masala Corn 

The sweet smell of corn during the cold months is a bliss. To make a masaledaar corn recipe in your hostel room, all you need are some corn kernels and an electric kettle. Mix the corn with water and bring it to a boil. Check once it is cooked properly and then toss red chilli powder, salt and black pepper in it. Finish off with a dash of lime juice and your evening snack is ready. 

4.  Poha 


Oh yes, you read it right. Rice-based dishes like poha can be easily made in a kettle. While steaming rice is super convenient in an electric kettle, making poha is not a difficult task either. Soak the poha in water and drain it after some time. Then add your chopped veggies and a slice of butter to the electric kettle. Throw in your dry poha and mix it well. Let it cook for some time. Then garnish with coriander leaves, roasted peanuts and a dash of lime juice. 

5.  Boiled Eggs 

The eggetarians can be sorted for breakfast if they have an electric kettle. There might be days that you’re running late and don’t have time to make breakfast or days when you wake up late and miss the breakfast time. In such scenarios, boiled eggs can be your go-to option. Add some water in an electric kettle and place your eggs in it. Sprinkle some salt and let them boil for about 10 minutes. Once done, take them out, peel them and chop them to make an egg chaat or simply relish them with salt and black pepper.