Christmas 2021: Here’s A Three-Course Indian Meal For Your Christmas Feast

With a few more weeks to go for Christmas, we know you can’t help but be excited and impatient for the festival to arrive. The festival brings with it fervour, happiness and endless elation. With the arrival of Christmas, the excitement of foodies knows no bounds. And with the onset of December, we know you are already planning your Christmas menu. Hence, to make your job easy, we have curated a hearty three-course menu for you to indulge in. 


1. Tandoori Aloo
No Indian festive occasion can go without a tandoori dish on the menu. And trust us when we say this, tandoori aloo is as delicious as any other tandoori dish. Add to your Christmas feast menu and your guests won’t be able to help to drool over it. 

2. Chicken popcorn
These mini crispy delights are easily the showstoppers of any party. Coated in breadcrumbs, these popcorns are decadent and are delightful to indulge in. 

Main Course 

1. Duck Moilee
A classic Kerala dish, Duck Moilee is a must-include dish on a South Indian Christmas menu. The tender and succulent duck and the creamy Moilee gravy are perfect to set the festive mood right. 

2. Corn Methi Malai
Who doesn’t want to indulge in something creamy, delicious and aromatic as well? Well, if you do, then there’s nothing better than corn methi malai. 

3. Chicken Biryani
For me, no festive occasion can be complete without a big plate of aromatic and decadent biryani. And I believe that’s the case for many others too. Complete your Christmas main course menu with a wholesome plate of chicken biryani along with these delicious curries. 


1. Bebinca Cake
An Indo-Portuguese culinary marvel, bebinca cake is a layered coconut cake popularly savoured in Goa. The cake is usually served with vanilla or coconut ice cream but you can serve it with Phirni on the side. It is a popular dish exclusively included in the Christmas menu in Goa. 

2. Phirni
A rich, milky and nutty rice dessert, Phirni is perfect to end your Christmas feast with. The pudding served in an earthen pot is an absolute delight to indulge in. 

We hope you have a delightful and decadent Christmas feast with these Indian dishes. Do try them out and let us know how you like them.