Chef Kunal Kapur Shares The Easiest Way To Make Icing For Cakes
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Are you one of those who love cakes simply because of the icing on them? Well, we relate to you. Be it a birthday, anniversary or any celebratory occasion, the part with icing on the cake is a favourite of many. No wonder ‘icing on the cake’ is a phrase that describes the best part of anything in life!  After all, a large slice of cake with oodles of icing atop, is all that it takes to make your heart smile, isn't it? However, to be able to prepare this dessert, many learn baking and enjoy the art thoroughly. But even after constant practice, many are unable to get the icing right while preparing it at home.  If you are someone who loves baking, and especially the icing on the cake, then Chef Kunal Kapur has an interesting recipe to share.  

In a video shared by the chef on Instagram, he shows an easy recipe to make delicious chocolate icing. He starts off by melting dark chocolate with a double boiler method. Wondering what a double boiler is? It includes two pots that use steam as a source of heat to melt chocolate. So, according to this process, you first place a large pot filled with hot water, and then take a smaller pot that fits inside the larger one. The smaller pot uses the steam from the hot water to melt the content inside. Chef also revealed that chocolate shouldn’t be melted directly on a pan, as the chocolate will burn. 

Now chef Kunal adds about 1/2 cup of dark chocolate into the smaller pot and allows it to melt using the steam. Once, the chocolate completely melts, he takes out the pot, and adds 2 cups of whipped cream into it.  

Pro tip: Keep stirring it until it appears like a mousse. And your quick chocolate icing is ready to be used. You can use it for decorating your cakes, to top your cupcakes, sandwich it between biscuits and so on. Take a look at what chef Kunal shared:

Chef Kunal often shares such interesting recipe videos. Once, he shared tips to make perfect tomato-onion gravy for Indian curries. The three-step recipe was quite a hack! Read more about it here

Hope this video by Kunal Kapur inspired you to try your hands at making your own icing! And if you are looking to bake some cakes at home, we’ve got some recipes right here