Chef Kunal Kapur Shares Tips To Make Perfect Onion Tomato Gravy

Let’s just agree that Indian cuisine is all about rich and robust flavours of vibrant ingredients. Most Indian dishes are also super easy to make with easily available ingredients. And most curries have similar ingredients, with different ways to make them with myriad spices. The humble onion-tomato curry is a staple one in Indian cuisine. Be it your Paneer Masala, Dum Aloo or other such curries, onion-tomato curry is a part of it all. 

However, it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Just chopping, mixing, and grinding onion, tomatoes and a few spices isn’t what it is all about. It does require a fair bit of expertise, and if you wish to give a delectable yet expert spin to your onion-tomato gravy, Chef Kunal Kapur has got you covered. The celebrity chef has shared a video on Instagram, titled Kunal’s Tips & Tricks, in which he demonstrates the process of making a perfect bowl of onion tomato gravy. Wondering how? By simply adding a few ingredients easily available in your kitchen pantry. “How to prepare Onion Tomato Gravy perfectly!”, Chef Kunal wrote in the caption. Let’s see what the chef has in store for us. 

Tips to make perfect onion tomato gravy: 

1. In the video, Chef Kunal stated that you can just add pav bhaji masala, chole masala, or sambar masala instead of garam masala while preparing onion tomato gravy. He added some right before adding the tomatoes to the pan. According to him, the onion tomato curry will taste delicious if you follow this tip. 

2. While preparing onion curry, Chef Kunal suggested adding some salt and black salt to taste, and followed it by adding a little bit of chaat masala for a zingy flavour. He then fried the masala on low heat. After cooking the masala mix with onions, he added chopped tomatoes followed by kasoori methi and mixed well. 

3. The chef then suggested cooling down the preparation before adding it to the mixer, and grinding it well. Don’t forget to put a little bit of water before grinding it. 

Your onion tomato gravy is ready to be used.

Aren’t these some great tips? This isn’t the first time Chef Kunal shared some great tips. He had previously shared another video, titled Kunal’s Tips & Tricks, which was dedicated to choosing the right kind of bhindi. He suggested going for a greener bhindi that doesn't have any black spots on them. He further suggested not buying very small or large bhindis, but going for medium-sized ones instead. Also, make sure you don’t buy the bhindis kept in water. Yes, you must definitely wash it before cooking, but after washing, wipe it and dry it out before cooking, the chef added.