Chef Gary Mehigan And Huma Qureshi Team Up For A Masterclass
Image Credit: Instagram/Gary Mehigan

What happens when an incredible chef of global renown pairs up with a well-known foodie actor playing the role of an iconic Indian chef? Chef Gary Mehigan and Huma Qureshi’s recent team up showed us just that. In a series of posts that have flooded Instagram, Gary Mehigan and Huma Qureshi’s collaboration highlight just what culinary magic can happen when true food lovers meet. 

For those who don’t know, Gary Mehigan is travelling across India and showcasing ingredients like Australian truffles while also tasting the best that Indian cuisines have to offer. Huma Qureshi, on the other hand, has been promoting her recent movie, Tarla, based on the life of iconic Indian chef, Tarla Dalal. The duo came together at Blabber, Mumbai for a Masterclass in making sushi and more. 

As Gary Mehigan reveals in this Instagram post, the Masterclass was conducted with Conosh for students from the School of European Pastry. Here’s what Gary Mehigan wrote about the experience: “And what a privilege to meet Huma Qureshi @iamhumaq for the pre-release of her upcoming film “Tarla”, we had a fabulous chat about the OG Indian MasterChef that was Tarla Dalal and what it was like to step into her shoes for filming. Made maki rolls and tried a few wacky food combinations for fun!” 

In the Masterclass video, Gary Mehigan and Huma Qureshi can be seen making two varieties of Maki Rolls. Mehigan is seen teaching Qureshi all about getting the right amount of rice, veggies and wasabi mayonnaise that are required to make perfect Maki Rolls. The ex-MasterChef Australia judge then shows the actor how to roll the sushi properly, a technique that needs precision. The video shows that Qureshi was able to pick up sushi rolling techniques very quickly with Mehigan’s guidance. 

Then came a fun session where the duo tried weird food combinations. The first combo they tried was Parle G with ketchup, followed by momos and honey, chocolate sauce on pizza, and paneer chili with mayonnaise. While the food combinations were quite weird, the duo clearly enjoyed the experience. Here’s what Qureshi wrote about this one on her Instagram: “Promotions can make you try some weird food combinations too. but what fun! Thank you @garymehigan for doing this with me.. let’s have some good food with legit combos the next time we meet!”