Huma Qureshi Enjoys Gujarati Delights Amid Her Movie Promotions

Huma Qureshi, known for her versatile acting and bubby nature, will be seen as lead in the biopic of legendary chef Tarla Dalal.  Film ‘Tarla’ directed by Piyush Gupta is all set to get its OTT release on 7th July. Huma is busy promoting the film these days but this time, the film promotions are different but fun for her. The actress recently took to Instagram and shared a glimpse of why she wants all her movie promotions to be like this.  

Huma shared a video on Instagram in which she is seen gorging on scrumptious Gujarati food. She captioned the video as “If only all promotions were this yummy”. The video starts with Huma enjoying a massive Gujarati thali and is accompanied by Kunal Vijaykar, an actor, broadcaster and a food writer. We can see her enjoying phulka, dal bati churma, aamras, chaas, chutneys, achaar and a slice of lemon. There were also multiple other dishes as well some scrumptious appetizers such as dhokla.   

In the next shot, we can see Huma Qureshi with Urmila Baa, known for her appearance in MasterChef and relishing Gujarati Patra made by Baa. The next, we see Huma herself trying to cook the scrumptious Patra or Pathrode under Baa’s supervision. Huma is also seen relishing a decadent chocolate cake amid the promotions for ‘Tarla’. In the last shot, Huma is seen making theplas. No wonder! This movie can trigger anybody’s cravings, isn’t it? 

                          Image credits: iamhumaq/Instagram

Let us tell you that ahead of the release of her upcoming movie, Huma’s father introduced a popular veg dish in his restaurant. Huma Qureshi’s father owns various branches of Saleem’s in Delhi. Saleem’s is known for its meat but now, recently Huma’s father has introduced chef Tarla Dala’s popular dish Batata Musallam at his restaurant.  Tarla Dalal was a vegetarian and was popularly known for reimagining non-veg dishes. It was Tarla Dalal who introduced Batata Musallam inspired by Murgh Musallam where she replaced Murgh with Batata, however, the gravy was the same. 

Huma took to Instagram and wrote a heartwarming post for her father. She wrote, “When my daddy named a dish after my movie. My daddy bestest..Not a day goes by when I don’t realize the importance of family and the legacy, we all leave behind . Thank you Daddy for being the passionate hard working self made man you are ... and thank you for giving me all your values. No one like you️”