Gary Mehigan's Favourite Truffles Travel to India From Australia
Image Credit: Gary talked about the black truffles on his Instagram | @flinders_truffles and @garymehigan

Gary Mehigan has been travelling all over India and posting some amazing content on his social media handles for all of us food enthusiasts. He has been talking about local cuisines and dishes and is truly taking all his followers on a gastronomic journey with himself. His latest story on Instagram is from Mumbai, with him talking about Flinders Truffles.

Gary shows the Flinders Truffles in a video, where he is very excited to show his audience the beauty of those truffles. He playfully mentions that he would hang them around his neck because of how heavenly they smell. He zooms in on the truffles several times just to show us how amazing they look. Then he quickly gets back to preparing for his workshop.

The most interesting part of the story is Gary’s caption. It says, "The world’s most travelled truffles, straight from @flinders_truffles in Melbourne, first stop Mumbai, then to its final destination in Kolkata." This really got us intrigued about these special truffles, all the way from Australia. So, we did a little digging.

Picture credits - Instagram | @flinders_truffles


The Flinders Truffles were brought to Mumbai from a farm on the Mornington Peninsula, from where Gary will carry them to Kolkata. The farm is special as it is just run by a family of five people and a dog who have gone on to experience this adventure together as a unit. For the uninitiated, truffles are a form of fungi that is grown underground. Flinders Farm grows delightful black preigord truffles, which are famous for their earthy and nutty flavours. The process, from cultivating to hunting for the truffles, is carried out entirely by the family.

Gary, in his video, gives a shoutout to Jane and Tony Groves, the couple who run the farm in Australia. They, along with their kids, dog, and cattle, have managed to make the truffle farm famous worldwide. Flinders truffles, all the way from Melbourne, are truly special.