Breakfast Ideas: 5 Hot Drinks To Keep You Warm This Winter
Image Credit: Warm drinks for winter

Getting up early on a cold winter morning and going to work is already a task and on top of that, if you’ve to cook an elaborate breakfast, it gets even more daunting. To ease out the breakfast hassle and keep yourself warm during winters, there are several beverages that you can make at home.

From a simple Masala Chai to a Kashmiri Kahwa or Rajasthani Bajra Raab, there are plenty of options that you can try at home. The ingredients that go into the making of these drinks have health benefits as well as warming properties that generate heat in the body and help you bear the winter chills, while keeping infections like cold and cough at bay. Haven’t we all been told to drink Kadha or a Haldi-wala Doodh at some point to stay away from the virus and infections?  

Here are some soothing drinks that are perfect for your breakfast in winters.  

1.   Badam Milk 

Want to get the goodness of almonds without having to eat the soaked ones each morning? Badam Milk is the answer. The nutty flavour of this milk is what makes it so delicious. The thick texture along with cardamom powder and pistachios for garnish adds to the rich flavour of this warm drink. Drink it in the morning and it’ll keep you full for longer.  

2.   Kahwa  

This special winter drink is commonly consumed in Kashmir. The specialty of Kahwa lies in the way it is brewed. The green tea leaves are simmered with nuts and spices which lends the concoction a sharp and spicy flavour. This makes it distinct from all other kinds of teas that are consumed generally. The flavours are enhanced with addition of certain ingredients like cardamom, saffron etc. which lend it an appetising undertone.  

3.   Bajre Ki Raab  

This is an interesting drink that is suitable for both summer and winter. Commonly prepared in Rajasthan, the Bajre Ki Raab is a warm drink for the latter and a cold one for the former. Made primarily with bajra flour, yoghurt, and cumin seeds, the drink also includes ajwain that aids digestion. As a whole, the beverage helps to keep you warm and cosy during the cold months.  

4.   Masala Chai  

The classic kulhad-wali Masala Chai is a must-have during winters. The warmth that is provided by this drink is unmatched. The masala powder includes cardamom, cloves, and peppercorns, each of which is known to have medicinal benefits, as well as the underlying property of keeping one’s body warm during winter. Pack it all together with tea leaves and make a hot milk concoction for breakfast.  

5.   Kesari Milk 

Another rich and decadent milk-based beverage that is ideal for the cold winter months is Kesari Milk. Also known as saffron milk, it is loaded with the goodness of kesar and finished off with saffron strands. The nutty and aromatic drink is full of calcium and a delight to the taste buds. Sip on it in the morning and you’ll be charged up for the entire day.