5 Brandy-Based Cocktails To Warm Up Your Winter Evenings
Image Credit: A refreshing brandy cocktail, beehive_brandy@Instgram

The mention of brandy conjures up images of sophisticated business people clad in luxury suits and sipping this heady beverage. Even though this liquor is a more sophisticated beverage, it is not just for the wealthy. Its popularity boom has turned it into a drink for the common man.  If you want to enjoy high-quality brandy to its fullest, avoid adding ice or other mixers and sip it neat. You can completely appreciate the varied flavours of brandy if you drink it at room temperature. But that doesn't restrict its versatility to become a base for a range of incredible cocktails. Such concoctions made with brandy can include a medley of fruity notes and mixers.

Pro Tip:

Remember that brandy less than three years old makes for the tastiest cocktails and mixed beverages. 

Brandy Daisy

Give brandy the daisy spin by making brandy daisy. The heady beverage is comparable to one of the better "daisy" drinks. The only ingredients needed are a few dashes of rum, curaçao, simple syrup, lemon, and soda. This classy cocktail has a well-balanced flavour and is perfect for your more expensive brandies and cognacs.

Brandy Cobbler

Brandy cobbler, Image Source: thesimplesteading@Instagram

This drink stands out thanks to the element of fruit, just like any dessert cobbler. The ingredients for the traditional cobbler drink are brandy, simple syrup, and club soda. Those who don't want to experiment much can stick with the classic choices of lemons and oranges. However, this one deserves any seasonal fruit, so your options are virtually limitless.

Brandy Alexander

Fruity brandy alexander, Image Source: rockfordrumclub@Instgram

A creamy delight, the Brandy Alexander is conceivably one of the oldest dessert cocktails. The taste of this cocktail is incredibly pleasing for those with a sweet craving, and it mixes up quickly. Only three ingredients are needed: brandy, crème de cacao, and cream. Here is the recipe!

Baltimore Bracer

Baltimore Bracer, Image Source: mr_glyptes@Instagram

The Baltimore Bracer is an exquisite cocktail with a generous serving of anisette. The amount of anisette can be so much that you might want to stay away from it if you don't like the taste of black liquorice. The Baltimore bracer needs three components, brandy, egg white and anisette liqueur. It may be a concoction for sophisticated palates, but the experience of this cocktail is indelible.

 Embassy Cocktail

The Embassy cocktail, a different take on the sidecar, also blends brandy, rum, and orange liqueur. The infusion of lime juice and a sprinkle of bitters gives this recipe a unique touch. Mixing and matching each of these drinks is amusing for a side-by-side sampling.

Cheers to brandy booze!