Life is packed with a variety of things to see and do. Sipping on a brandy cocktail can be a delicious diversion from what we like to have on a regular basis! This is your go-to list for brandy cocktails to keep with you at all times.


Not to be confused with the other vodka cocktail, also called metropolitan. We’re talking about the metropolitan, which is composed of brandy, sweet syrup, vermouth, and bitters. The ratio of brandy to vermouth is 3:1, and the classic version of the cocktail contains just a dash of sweet syrup and bitters. 

2. B&B

Known as the bénédictine and brandy cocktail, it is considered to be a sophisticated drink. It is one of the rare cocktails in which both spirits taste delicious. You can sense the unique taste of each spirit. 

Photo: Dstudio Bcn 


It has been in popular drinking culture with good reason. It is difficult not to like a sidecar cocktail, what with the many different variations that bartenders are inventing for the customer. A classic sidecar cocktail has cognac, triple sec, and lemon juice. Sounds delicious! 


It is an official cocktail, which means that an absolute must that you try it.  It can be had specifically to ring in a special occasion. It is a hit, an old-fashioned hit indeed. 

Photo: Sigmund 


Sounds delicious, and absolutely unique! If you want to try what the french are having then get your hands on brandy and tonic ASAP.

We advise you to drink responsibly. If you want to try your hand at making these cocktails at home, imagine what a joy ride that will be. Brandy is certainly a good choice, and those who love it more than the rest are probably people who like to have something to drink after dinner. Besides, it is known to induce sleep and boost body temperature. So, we know what we’ll be drinking in the winters!