Breakfast Buddies: 5 Sweet-Savoury Ways To Pair Your Waffles
Image Credit: Waffles with chicken

When you’ve gotten bored of the same old pancakes and crepes every morning, it is time to switch to waffles. And we aren’t just talking about simple chocolate or vanilla-flavoured ones. Little do people know that waffles are one such versatile dish that can be topped with all sorts of sweet and savoury flavours.

To accompany waffles, one could add fruits like apples and bananas, along with chocolate syrup. For those not fond of a sweet breakfast, you can always add your scrambled or fried eggs to the side of your breakfast waffles and dig in. Oh yes, that’s true. The crunchy criss-cross bites are baked and paired with numerous such flavours that can kick in a good start for your day.


1.  Waffles With Truffled Eggs

Truffled eggs are simply scrambled eggs, made with truffle oil and cheese. The cheddar cheese makes the scrambled eggs all cheesy and creamy while the former adds moisture to the eggs. Take freshly-made waffles out of the maker and top it with these truffled eggs. Sprinkle some sea salt and enjoy the crunch with the creaminess.

2.  Waffles With Salsa

Salsa is a type of Mexican condiment that is often paired with tacos, nachos, and other bites. For breakfast, take some cornmeal waffles and heat them up. Once they are crunchy, prepare a spicy and tangy salsa with cherry tomato, avocado, cilantro, and lime juice. Slather it on your waffles and dig in right away.  

3.  Waffles With Fried Chicken  

For all the meat lovers out there, this one is a dream come true. The crunch factor of the waffles is doubled with the addition of fried chicken . The bread-crumb coated chicken is deep-fried until it turns golden brown and placed on top of the cooked waffles. Then, a mildly-sweet syrup or sauce is drizzled on top of it. You can add maple syrup, honey or any other topping of your choice to give the chicken a glaze.

4.   Waffles With Apples

The crunchy and sweet fruit, diced into pieces, can work well with the waffles. Not just that, apple spice is also added to the waffles to lend it a delectable flavour. What more do you need? Fresh cranberry sauce, some maple syrup and peeled and diced apples to go with the waffles. You can also add some whipped cream to give it a smooth texture.

5.   Waffles With Bacon  

This one is a cheesy and meaty delight that is perfect for breakfast. All you need is some grated cheddar cheese and fried bacon. Stuff it in your waffles and flavour with some green onion. This one is a self-sufficient waffle that doesn’t need any syrup or sauce for topping and making it complete. It is quite filling and just what you need on a lazy Sunday brunch.